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Aug 11, 2006 03:56 PM

Solano Grill and Bar, or 6 Degrees for Business lunch

I haven't been to Solano Grill and Bar for eons, and haven't been to 6 Degrees for lunch. Both would be conducive for this business lunch, atmosphere-wise. Recommendations? Also, if there's another "better idea" in the area, all suggestions are welcome. I'm tending toward Solano Grill.

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  1. I went to 6 Degrees last month for lunch and it was very nice. They weren't too busy and it was a very peaceful dining room without much noise, which I imagine would be ideal for business purposes. The food was quite good and service was fine as well.

    1. I would give 6 Degrees the edge both on the room and the food.

      I went to the new weekend brunch at Solano Grill recently and the room is a little worn. I wasn't wowed by the food, but keep meaning to stop back for dinner to try that food.

      Trying to think of a place open for lunch and appropriate for business in that area didn't lead me to come up with much more.

      Montaro's across the street from Solano Grill has a nicely redecorated and very atrractive restaurant. It is quiet at lunch. The food is Mexican using fresh, sometimes organic ingrediants.

      There's Renee's place further up Solano which is a nice room and Cal-Chinese.

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        Well, lunch was today. My dining companion got lost (I really thought it was sadly funny when I heard "I'm at Highway 13" when I checked my messages). During my wait, I had a generous pour of Cakebread Sauvignon Blanc. I thought the pour, and the price, was decent for that wine.

        Lunch - we both had the salmon sandwich. While the piece of salmon could have been a touch larger, the meal was quite tasty. I was tempted to try the $6 chicken lunch, but decided on the sandwich (served with some salad on the plate), and wasn't disappointed. We both had chocolate cake for dessert, as they were out of the fresh fruit tart. The dining room was EMPTY when I arrived (the waitress felt badly for me, like I was stood up on a date), and was relatively full by the time my lunch companion arrived.

        After seeing the menu, I wouldn't hestitate to go there for lunch again, even alone, as I'm by there almost every day, and the $6 lunch specials seem like quite the deal. Many quality glasses of wine in the $6 range, too.

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          Great. Thanks for the update. The chicken is actually very good. Nice to hear they are doing some good business ... and the lunch is still $6.