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Aug 11, 2006 03:32 PM

Returning to South Florida

I lived in Broward county up until about 3 years ago, and will be returning for a few days next week. Any new restuarants worth checking out? I would be interested in both quick cheap lunches, and dinners that are nice, but not too expensive. Preferably in Broward or Palm Beach. Any help?

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  1. Is there no place good to eat in Broward or Palm Beach?

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      I believe that both restaurants are more than three years old, but how about Sunfish Grill and Eduardo De San Angel

    2. no there's no place good to eat in broward or palm must come down to dade to find good food.

      alright already enough culinary haunts reach as far north as if you're looking for PB your S.O.L. Pompano Beach is my culinary mecca here in the Gold Coast. Try Jack's Old Fashioned Hamburgers (put a little horsey sauce on there to kick it up a couple notches), go to Philomena's for Sicilian cuisine at its best (also a PB location in Boca on A1A I'm told by none other than Philomena herself). Dona Raquel's is the finest "REAL" Mexican food the Gold Coast has to offer (don't expect burritos nor cheese, lettuce and tomatoes on your tacos). Calypso is an English West Indian(Caribbean) style Seafood joint that is exquisite. I'm hearing good things about Muddy Waters, also in North Broward. They say the Grouper Rueben is worth a try.

      I appologize on behalf of my fellow sofla chowhounders for the lack of response to your request. It seems we lost a few when they upgraded the site...

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          Not that there's anything wrong with it, but Seasons 52 is an upmarket Darden chain (Olive Garden, Smokey Bones, Red Lobster etc.) It is new and it's only in Florida so far, so I guess it qualifies, but it's not local food, exactly.

        2. Hmmm... the past three years or so... A lot of what's already been mentioned is quite a bit older than that, though I can't argue with Netmover's plugs for Calypso and the 30-year-old Jack's Hamburgers.

          My focus these days is on mom-and pop ethnic, so I'm not much use for places that require shoes and shirts.. but if you get to downtown Lake Worth for whatever reason and the weather is nice, the Cottage is great for eclectic small plates in an outdoor courtyard setting. Surprisingly good prices for the quality and overall vibe. Very little indoor seating, though, and it's not the same feel.

          You didn't say where you're living now. I'd recommend Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza for.. well... coal-oven pizza if you're not living someplace with good coal-oven pizza, the Dixie Hwy. location of Taqueria Dona Raquel if there aren't any great authentic taquerias where you live, and either Texas Hold-'Em (on Sunrise) or maybe Jack's Smokehouse (on Okland Park) for barbecue if you're already a fan of Tom Jenkins and the Georgia Pig and want to keep up with the newcomers.

          Prospects for finding decent Indian food in Broward have improved considerably. Madras Cafe in Pompano serves the usual stuff but also has a fair amount of South Indian and is quite good. Woodlands and Udipi Cafe, both on University in Central Broward, are good vegetarian South Indian. Udipi's the better of the two in my opinion, but Woodlands is certainly respectable and has a startlingly good, startlingly cheap buffet even on weekends. Nirala Sweets on Oakland Park at Pine Island is a weird Pakistani restaurant but a terrific place to buy freshly-made Indian sweets. India Grill, in the same area, is pretty good, slightly upmarket pan-Indian: Northern, Southern, even a fair amount of Indian Chinese (and get the carrot halwah for dessert if they have it).