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Aug 11, 2006 03:19 PM

dinner near 90/84 Interchange

We'll be driving back from Waltham MA to Hartford CT Friday Aug 18 and are looking for good places for dinner in the areas around Sturbridge, Aubunr or the I84/Mass Pike (90) interchange. Family of 3, eats anything, love Asian, Middle Eastern, Indian, seafood. Looking for casual, moderately priced good, no reservation needed. Thanks.

Rachel in West Hartford.

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  1. If you follow the signs to Route 20 west right at the 90/84 interchange, you'll come to a stretch of Sturbridge that has several options. A mile or so down on your right you'll find the Ugly Duckling Pub (upstairs from the Whistling Swan restaurant). It's not great, but they have a decent selection of ok pub food.

    If you search "Sturbridge" on the New England board (not the Boston board), you'll find other options.

    1. Much closer to Hartford is Rein's Deli, the only decent and convenient place I have found to stop on my frequent Boston to NY drive. It's exit 65 (I believe) off of 84 in Vernon, CT. Excellent Jewish Deli with buckets of fantastic half-sours for sale.

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        1. I second the rec for Rein's deli. Great sandwich's and very casual dining. My kids used to love the Mac & cheese.

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            Third it. For me, no car trip to NYC is complete without a stop at Rein's for smoked sable on an everything bagel.

          2. I got the place for you. It's alittle hard to spot from Route 20 so mapquest it before you go. It's at the enterance to Old Sturbridge Village but the sign is small. My wife loves the place. It's called, Thai Place, they dont have a website but the below link will bring you to some reviews. It about 2 miles of off 84N the exit before the Mass Pike on Route 20 west towards Brimfield. Enjoy


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              A nice spot in Sturbridge is a place called Rom's its on Rt.131 As you get off of Rt.84 right after the toll booth. Watch the signs for sturbridge and take the left turn at the light on to Rt.131 Rom's is about 1 mile ahead on the right. I will send the web site to check out. With the kids I think this would be a nice choice. As you can see its a basically Italian place. Good luck, Earle Ct. To all the other posters we did A good job Until I looked at the original post and found out that it was from 2006 I hope they made that trip with out going hungry. But at least we tried.