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Aug 11, 2006 03:05 PM

What to Order: Vincent's Clam Bar on Cross Bay

My In-laws are taking my fiance and I to Vincent's tonight. Could you guide me in my very first virgin (LOL) trip to Vincent's? Need your recommendation on what to order.

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  1. You will no doubt tempted to order any number of things but you will probably be disappointed unless you go with the tried and true- scungilli or calamari over linguini with medium sauce and a little bowl of hot on the side so that you can adjust it to your taste. And a manhattan special to drink.

    The sauce is good- a bit sweet and straightforward- but it accompanies the seafood very well. In the old days I would have also recommended the shrimp ball, but that was back in the days when they actually had shrimp in them ;)

    1. I have visited Vincents in Westbury, Long Island two times now and have been disappointed on both occasions. I didn't know that they also have a location on Crossbay. Anyway, my first impression was that the place reminded of something out of the Godfather movies. I kind of felt that I was at a wedding because they had a live band and some guy singing old Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin tunes. The menu seemed very appetizing, but I was disappointed with the food. I ordered a pasta dish that was accompanied by grilled chicken and broccoli rabe. It was swimming in oil and the chicken was limp. I do like the bread they serve though. They serve it along with some olive oil and mixed herbs (good for dipping). My second visit, I decided to order something basic, the chicken marsala. It was lacking on the Marsala and, again, came drowned in a dark brown gravy similar to a meatloaf type of gravy. Overall, Vincents food is probably a step above of what you would get at a local diner. That's my humble opinion.

      1. the vincent's on cbb is superior to the one in cp.

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          Whoa, that's great news. Been to cp, but never to cbb. Can't wait to try cbb location, especially when I thought their cp location was fine both times I went (over the span of 10 or so years). I remember the calamari and sauce being appealing.

        2. I do believe that the one in Carle Place and the one on Cross Bay Blvd are unrelated. You have to go for the Calamari over Linguini. It's to die for. Follow the advice of TongoRad with the sauce unless you absolutely can not tolerate heat at all. Then go with the sweet. I used to go with the hot, but as I aged, I began appreciating the mild once more.
          The other food is OK, but the Calamari is what you go there for. It is the best in the area.