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Aug 11, 2006 03:02 PM

Best Seafood Online

I tend to buy a lot of high end meat online (Allen Brothers, Lobel, etc.) Obviously not for everyday cooking but for really special meals. Does anyone have advice for similar quality for seafood? My local Whole Foods is pretty good, but I'm looking for other recommendations.


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  1. IMO you simply can't beat legalseafoods.

    1. I always order wild Alaskan sockeye salmon from every year - the best damn salmon I've ever had. Haven't tried their other choices of fish, but they do offer halibut, prawns, lobster, cod, sole, etc.

      1. I LOVE Seabear! I always order when they run their, "By Reservation Only" fresh caught Salmon specials.

        I might try Allen Brothers, but their prices are SO insane. But so is the quality of the meat....

        1. I like SeaBear too. Pure Food in Seattle is supposed to be great too.

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            I'll second Pure Foods. The best hot smoked salmon I've tasted.

          2. I've been very happy with the Alaskan seafood I've gotten from Fisherman's Express:


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