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Aug 11, 2006 02:52 PM

need some ideas for a thank you gift

Okay so i need to get my girlfriend's parents a thank you gift. They're in florida and i'm in new york so it has to be mail order, and I'm looking for something delicious (either solid or liquid) that I can send for around $50 total. Basically I'm looking for any suggesstions. I wanted to do a beer of the month thing but those seem like theyre a minimum of $80 (as 3 months is required), but like I said I'm open to anything whether food or beverage. I just don't want anything typical! thanks!

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  1. I love these fruit bouquets. Something different and they are really delicious....
    great idea if there's a location near them.

    1. Most of Harry & David's stuff is nothing special, but their Royal Rivera pears are as good as fruit gets.

      1. I would pick a nice bottle of olive oil and a tasty vinegar. I've always wanted a good oil that comes in a wine bottle, but can't bring myself to splurge. They have nice options at

        1. These are all under $50. I think they're based out of NH, not absolutely sure. Check it out.

          or this being you're in NY:

          1. How about a gift certificate to a nice restaurant in their area?