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Aug 11, 2006 02:50 PM

Recs near PNC Park

My husband and I are visiting Pittsburgh for the first time this weekend. We are staying at the Hilton across the river from PNC Park. We would love recs for lunch Saturday afternoon, a casual dinner after the game Saturday night, and breakfast Sunday morning. We love Italian, Greek, French, burgers, pizza, fun sandwiches, crepes, seafood, and the list goes on! Especially appreciated would be "uniquely Pittsburgh" suggestions, recs for good homemade ice cream (a weakness of mine!), or names of good brewpubs/bars with good beer selections.

We're hoping for walking distance from the hotel and ballpark, but a short cab ride is OK.

Thanks in advance; I'm excited to meet your city and visit what I've heard is a BEAUTIFUL ballpark!

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  1. good gelato in Shadyside neighborhood called Mulberry St, it is on Copeland above an Italian restaurant called Giresole. there's actually a decent and cheap greek spot(late lunch/early dinner before the game) right down the block from the Renaissance near 9th and Penn. seafood on Mt Washington called Monterrey Bay, great view too. check on Pamela's in Strip Distict of J J's, or Delucca's not sure if open Sunday AM

    if adventurous and not afraind of a non-meat meal, brunch at Zenith on southside off carson street is amazing and lots of fun - but is different experience!!!

    later have fun and enjoy our great city

    1. A joint "uniquely Pittsburgh" is Fat Heads on Carson St. A cab ride away. Check their "uniquely Pittsburgh" web site.

      The ball park has places that are "uniquely Pittsburgh," also. They can be accessed from the street or from inside the park.

      When you walk to the game, you cross the Clemente Bridge to the North Side and the ball park. On the downtown side you are on Sixth St and a lot of Restos in that area.

      If you want to try German Brewhaus style, a short cab ride will get you to Penn Brewery.

      It would take more of a cab ride to Dave and Andy's in Oakland for ice cream. But good.

      Check this site for an interactive map to get you started.

      Looking at this, I almost want to say Fat Head's for Sat lunch and a short trip up to Oakland for Dave and Andy's ice cream. Then the jaunt back downtown.

      1. A short cab ride to Pamela's in the Strip District for breakfast is highly recommended. You have to try the crepe style pancakes, awesome!

        1. Thanks for the suggestions. We had breakfast at Pamela's and LOVED it! I had the strawberry crepe hotcakes, and my husband had chorizo and eggs. Best breakfast out I've had in a very, very long time.