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Aug 11, 2006 02:26 PM

Inadvertant Khao Homm meal-review

We inadvertantly ended up at Khao Homm the other night and had a fantastic meal. We had planned on eating at Sripraphai, but when we got there it was closed (they close on Wed in the summer). A very nice thai man saw us and told us they were closed, I remembered that Khao Homm was in the neighborhood and he directed me there.

We arrived at Khao Homm and I told the owner that it had been recommended by a colleague of mine who recently ate there with the Thai Ambassador. I didn't have his specific recommendations with me, so I ordered a bunch of things for the five of us.

Spring Rolls
Papaya Salad
Yum Nuea
Crispy catfish
Two soups
Red and green curries
Crispy whole fish with chili sauce
Khao Soi
Fried Bananas
Sticky rice with mango

We ordered it all Thai spicy and it was excellent! Especially enjoyed the fish, papaya salad and beef salad.My wife and I both agreed that it was the best Thai we've had outside of Thailand. Perfect balance of flavors. The people there were extremely accomodating and we had a great time.

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  1. Sripraphai is always closed on Wednesdays - it's not just a summer thing.

    1. I thought my wife was going to kill me when the cab dropped us off and we found out Sripraphai was closed. I never even thought to call and make sure they were open on a Wednesday. Luckily my backup planned worked.

      1. I ate there during the blackout and it was good. Not as complex as Sri but they sure turn up the heat when you ask for it. Which, sadly, Sri doesn't always do anymore.