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Aug 11, 2006 02:18 PM

Oconomowoc Friday Fish Fry Tonight?

We are heading into Oconomowoc tonight. Wondering if anyone has recos for a superb Friday night fish fry in the area. Picturesque view would be a plus, but not required. Great food, and that authentic Wisconsin Friday Fish Fry ambience are the most important aspect. Thanks in advance for your kind assistance!

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  1. There is a Hunt Club out there if I remember it may be a little out of Oconomowoc but it has a great fish fry and very nice views. I will try to find the name and if you do go there is a great server named Greta that works Friday night Fish Fry's. I will post back soon once I find the name.


    1. We ended up going to Spinnaker's in Oconomowoc. It was OK, but next time I'd try one of the other options in the area. $12.95 for the "European" lake perch fish fry special seemed a tad stiff. Potato pancakes seemed deep fried, a little too crisp.