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Aug 11, 2006 02:12 PM

Honey One

Forgive me for I love Honey One. I love everything about the ribs and tips, smoke ring, great sauce and just the right amount. However this has been bothering me for a while....

I do have a question, and forgive me if I am just an idiot. I do not consider myself a bbq novice. I have had bbq in all of the bbq epicenters in the us...KC, Texas, Memphis, NC, etc. I have never encountered this issue in any of those locales

I have noticed that they leave the membrane on the rib racks at Honey One. I hate that...Is there some reason why they would leave the membrane on? Otherwise i find the swine sublime...Was going to ask the roberts why they do this, but i didnt want to hassle them when I really think that everything else about the product is A+...i can live with peeling off the membrane myself, but was hoping for some insight.

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  1. Honey 1. Best BBQ in the City, Period,

    1. They are lazy- that's why, that is a lot of work.

      1. I think many Chinese places that do spare ribs leave them on too.

        1. I'm with you they are either lazy or cheep, since the packing house will deliver the ribs with the membranes off already.

          There is a chance it might be a part the pit-masters recipe to hold in moisture on the back or something silly, but it seems unlikely as I've only run across that a few times most notably at Klaxon's on Altoona, IA.

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            I guess i will ask them the next time I go in there for a rack