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Aug 11, 2006 01:57 PM

Wedding Cake Emergency....PLEASE HELP!!

Ok, my sister's wedding is on Sept. 2nd, and the bakery/baker that agreed to bake the cake (back in June) just called her and said that they aren't going to do it.

Aside from being incredibly angry and generally upset, my sister now needs to find another place to make the cake. But because she will be out of the country until a few days before the wedding, I am taking up the task.

That said, I am asking all of you out there for assistance. I have called a few places already and they have basically told me that they need 2 - 3 months notice (Marmalade is already booked until October). I do have appointments with Just Temptations, Irresistible Cakes, and Sweet Boutique, and I am awaiting call backs from Dessert Trends, and A Cake Story.

Does anyone out there know of any other place that makes an excellent wedding cake? My preference is in Toronto, but I will not turn away from establishments in the GTA or outlying areas.

Please, please help. I don't want my sister to worry about this, she has enough on her plate to contend with.

Any and all assistance is emphatically appreciated.

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  1. Call Shirley's Sweet Creations now!

    She will come to you! Excellent, excellent cake...former pastry chef at Windsor Arms.

    1. Just called her, and she is unfortunately unavailable. But thank you again for the suggestion.

      Actually, saw her "cake portfolio" and she looks like she does some really excellent work.

        1. try this:

          her cake tastes and looks very nice too!

          if you want her info PM me.

          1. hm...looks like no PM here...

            then please contact her directly