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Aug 11, 2006 01:34 PM

Breakfast/Brunch near Westlake, Ohio?

My husband and I will be in Westlake, Ohio this weekend for a wedding. Any recommendations for chowish breakfast/brunch places near Westlake? We would also welcome any recommendations for good coffee in the area.

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  1. First Watch is a good (but chain) breakfast place in Crocker Park, which is a big outdoor mall/retail complex at the corner of Detroit & Crocker roads in Westlake. and I also recommend Aladdin's for lunch there if you like Middle Eastern, is their site. There is a starbucks there in the Barnes & Noble and across the street in the KMart plaza there is a Caribou coffee (both chains, but there's a lot of that in the 'burbs).

    Really good bar food (would make a good lunch) at the Moosehead Saloon in Westlake, on Dover Center Road about a half mile north of Center Ridge Rd.

    1. I just read some great things about Claudette's which is right in that area. In Cleveland is Lucky's which would be a fantastic choice if you were willing to drive a little. They're very conscientious about high quality ingredients, they have unique, appealing dishes and they're in a neighborhood with real character.

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        Claudette's on Center Ridge in Westlake is an excellent choice for breakfast or lunch/brunch. They have great omelets, chicken salad and their corn beef is pretty memorable.

        Here is their site:

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          Um, this post is from 2006. I'm sure they found a restaurant by now. :)

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            rocknroller, stumbled upon your response. You are hilarious!

            Thanks for your great advise re: Symon's Lola and B Spot. Enjoyed both and the RNRHOF!

      2. westlake: In a sea of bland suburban chains, your choices are limited...but Vicki's diner is a cute little oasis. nothing fancy-more breakfasty than brunchy, thats for sure. I had the country fried steak and eggs which I need like a whole in the head, but no matter-it was mmmm.

        Lucky's in the tremont neighborhood in Cleveland is amazing, fresh local ingredients, some right from the owner/chefs urban garden. It is tucked in a little residential nieghborhood. It may be tough to get to if you are out in Westlake though-but hounds should try it out if they are in Cleveland. Brunch is only on sat and sun. coffee is amazing. enjoy your visit.