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Aug 11, 2006 12:37 PM

Breakfast in Vegas?

I'm overnighting in LV and would love a recommendation for a great breakfast. Ideally, a great _diner_ breakfast. Good home fries, house-made corned-beef or ham hash, biscuits (with gravy, if possible). I don't know if this is obtainable, but would be interested in all suggestions.


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  1. I recommend the Hash House on Decatur and Sahara. Here is the url:

    The Black Bear Diner on West Tropicana and Jones is also good. Here is their url:

    The Original Pancake House has great pancakes and omelettes. Here is their url:

    If you want to get grossed out by massive quantity, there is the Hash House a go go on W. Sahara near Rainbow. Here is their url:

    1. I like the breakfast buffet at Paris - and I don't like any buffets. It's reasonably priced and has some nice french food (bread, brie, crepes, ham etc...) as well as the american standards.

      1. Would you settle for the French version of a diner? Bouchon (at the Venetian) has wonderful breakfasts.

        They don't have home fries, but they do serve good French fries. Yes, for breakfast!

        There's no corned beef hash, but once there was a special of steak hash - delicious stuff.

        No biscuits and gravy, but how about a croque madame - a toasted ham and cheese sandwich with a fried egg, topped off with mornay sauce (white gravy)? Plus, it's served with French fries.