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Single Malt Scotch Selections

What bars/restaurants in the DC area have the best selection of single malt scotches?

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  1. Actually, I think 1789 has a nice selection but it's not exactly the type of place you drop by on a whim. I remember tasting a bunch of bourbons there before dinner and think they had some nice scotch as well.

    1. The Royal Mile Pub in Wheaton--the food's decent but they're really known for their scotch. Ask for the monthly calendar--they do scotch tastings on some weeknights.

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        Seconded - there's no competition for first place in scotch selection with Royal Mile. Thursdays are tasting nights.


      2. Martin's in Georgetown has a pretty good one.

        Elephant&Castle generally has a decent one, though I haven't been to the DC location.

        If the flying scotsman in capitol hill was a good one but it closed fairly recently I think.

        1. Your question reminded me that some years ago when a Scot friend would visit, we used to go to Bistro Bistro in Shirlington for single malts. He used to correct the waiters' pronounciation. I just pulled up their menu and see they list 14 single malts.

          Here's the address


          1. The best scotch bar I've ever been to hands down is Birds of a Feather in Fells Point (that's B'more, hon). They used to have hundreds of different single-malts, but now they are probably down to a hundred or so. Still, more than you can shake a stick at.

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              I'll second Birds of a Feather. Their website claims a current selection of 120 single malts.

              If you are interested in a particular single malt, I would call around to see who has it. If instead you are interested in trying something new, I would HIGHLY recommend Birds of a Feather. The owner / bartender is very knowledgeable about scotches. She will walk you through making a good choice based on your pallet. It might be worth the drive.

            2. Royal Mile in Wheaton is totally great for Single Malts. You also might check with Fleming's Steakhouse. I haven't looked recently but they used to have a few really good Single Malts. I believe I had my first 18-year-old Macallan there.

              1. Royal Mile has a new website: royalmilepub.com.

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                  We went to Royal Mile last night and had a nice meal. Great beer selection as well. Fish and Chips were good--nice batter; my husband had the beef carbonnade, which was well prepared; it's a laid back neighborhood place and I'm so glad we discovered it.

                2. Some-what related, but Bay Ridge Wine and Spirits in Annapolis is having a huge sale on single malts this month. Each week in January they will give a percentage off scotch -- 5 the first week in January, 10 the second week and 20 the third week. You might want to call to confirm the dates and times, as the deal is not on their website but I have heard the ad on WRNR -- http://www.bayridgewineandspirits.com/.

                  BayRidge Wine and Spirits
                  111 Hillsmere Drive, Annapolis, MD 21403