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Aug 11, 2006 07:20 AM

Pork belly with cilantro leaves in soft sweet bun

Looking for that someone who left a message about that taiwanese dish that I so crave for in one of the forums about good dim sum or good taiwanese food. I can't seem to remember and locate the forum and thought maybe someone can help. Name and location of the restaurant where you found that dish would be greatly appreciated!!

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  1. Here's the post about Tea Garden in downtown San Francisco.

    1. If you are looking for "Gua4 Bao1", or what's sometimes called "Taiwanese Hamburger" (though with pork not beef), there's a pretty good verison in Flushing's LU's Seafood (formerly Laifood) on 39th ave and Prince.:
      White, soft steamed bread with a nice piece of pork belly, Chinese pickled mustard (suan1 cai4), ground peanuts, light sprinkle of sugar, and cilantro...Especially good when still hot, and the pork is just fatty enough.

      There are quite a few Taiwanese restaurants in Flushing. I'm quite sure I've seen them on the menu in the Flushing Mall's food court. Probably available at more than one station within the mall.

      In fact, if you ever find yourself craving Ji1 xue3 gao1 (steamed blood/sticky rice), also served with ground peanuts, cilantro,garlic sauce and sweet/hot red sauce, you can now get a pretty authentic version at the food court if you go to the one farthest left when you walk in. It's called Temple Street, I think, or "Miao4 jie1". You'll find many other Taiwanese night market snacks there....

      1. I haven't been to the restaurant formerly known as Lai Food in Flushing for over a year, but in my last visits they seemed to have been opting for leaner cuts of pork for their Taiwanese Hamburgers rather than pork belly.

        Momofuku in the East Village does it right, with very fatty sweet organic pork belly. I think they call it pork buns on the menu.