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Aug 11, 2006 07:07 AM

Sparky's on Lafayette - Breakfast???

I just ate at "Egg" (its inside the Williamsburg Sparky's) for the first time and was really impressed with what was the simplest scrambled eggs, toast and hash browns all for quite cheap. Ayyway I know Sparky's on Lafayette (which I wasnt so impressed with when I went twice last summer)now serves B'fast and I'm wondering if it's the same deal.

If not is it any good? I dont really go in for paying all that much extra just because somethings organic unless it actually tastes better.

Whats the haps folks?

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  1. ive never been to the brooklyn sparkys but i dont think they are related. i live around the corner from lafayette sparkys and the only breakfast they have is pretty much just egg sandwiches.i prefer organic diary though..the prices are really low, they really dont overprice the sandwich even though its organic. they are ok, nothin special- but they do make tang, which is pretty amazing.

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      I actually just check today. My lazy butt shoulda done it in the first place. It seems the breakfast in brooklyn Sparky's is like a different restaurant inside the same place just operating different hours.

      But I think I'll try sparky's lafayetter B'fast, there's not much good egg n cheese right around there anyway. Glad to hear they're good.