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Aug 11, 2006 05:04 AM

non-awful Chinese delivery in West Village?

My dad lives right near the Quad theater on West 13th Street, and is seriously deprived in the Chinese department. Sammy's has gone way downhill. Charlie Mom is inedible. And he says he gets new menus on his doorstep every week, but would love a little guidance before flying blind with a new place. Any help would be quite appreciated.

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  1. Mama Budda won my West Village Chinese delivery taste-off a few years ago. (Same three dishes from five different places.) If they haven't gone downhill, it's a safe bet.

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      My kid loves the Buddah. Food is fresh, service is lovely, delivery fast, but not particularly great. So-so.

    2. Have you checked which Chinese restaurants will deliver to him through seamlessweb?

      1. Noodle Bar on Carmine. It is a little bit pricier than your typical Chinese joints, but
        they have very high quality food. They specialize in noodles, but they have other things as well.

        1. Mama Buddha on Hudson and 11th has very good Chinese takeout. And they are so fast, sometimes it seems like they're ringing your doorbell before you hang up the phone...