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Aug 11, 2006 03:58 AM

Amuse Bouche – Disappointing

We ate at Amuse-Bouche last night and were disappointed with the quality of the meal. It started off well. We sat outside on a lovely evening. We brought a nice Pinot Noir (corkage $30) and they responded by bringing appropriate burgundy glasses. I had scallops wrapped in smoked duck (ham-like texture and taste) with a morel cream sauce. The scallops were well cooked and the dish worked well. My wife had beet carpaccio with a watercress salad; a little sweet, but good. When the mains arrived, the meal deteriorated. My wife had tuna with in a cashew, panko crust, the tuna was flavourless and the crust added nothing. I had the butter poached lobster with a crab and lobster black ravioli. The dish had multiple faults – small, expensive ($33), tough and tasteless except for the broth, which was over-infused with vanilla. It is a pretty place, and we wanted to like it, but the sub-par food would preclude a return visit.

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  1. I might recommend the Rosebud on Queen just west of Bathurst - it has a similar intimate atmosphere and a menu that's not as ambitious as Amuse-Bouche but is executed in an exceedingly delicious manner. The staff are also very nice and professional - a rarity on Queen St.'s eateries.

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      1. We actually have eaten at Rosebud and thoroughly enjoyed both the food and ambience. Now if they would only allow BYOW...

        1. I'm so sorry to hear you didn't enjoy your meal at Amuse. My husband and I have eaten there on several occasions and have never had a bad experience. On the contrary....they went out of their way to make our evening memorable. We last went on July 25th, our wedding anniversary and they brought out an absolutely amazing dessert platter...with Happy Anniversary written in chocolate across the plate. Maybe that's a tacky thing but we thought it was sweet.