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Aug 11, 2006 03:52 AM

Road trip through LOUISVILLE [Moved from Elsewhere In America board]

Hey KC hound just looking for somewhere to grab a sit down meal. any ideas? Preferably something traditional to the area, but anything good will do. thanks.

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  1. One of the most fun restaurants in America: Lynn's Paradise Cafe. Online at Outstanding breakfast, served all day, great lunch dishes. Serves dinner, but I have never gone there for dinner.

    1. Lynn's is great. I also love Cafe Lou Lou at 1800 Frankfort Avenue, (502) 893-7776. I've never had a less-than-great meal at the very-affordable-but-unique Ramsi's at 1293 Bardstown Road, (502) 451-0700. It doesn't hurt that it's right next door to Carmichael's Books, a great local bookstore. Directly across from Skyline Chili and Mid City Mall.

      1. thank you!!!! Those sound great!

        1. Oh, and I cannot forget to mention Mayan Gypsy, 624 E. Market St, (502) 583-3300. Check out this review from Robin Garr's indispensible online resource:

          1. You are too kind. That sounds amazing!