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Aug 11, 2006 03:49 AM

Looking for a specific pizza in calgary

My family is looking for a specific pizza. Not necessarily the "best" pizza as it is personal choice and people like different things. To give you some background, my family likes Pizza Hut Pan Pizza. But I dont want to eat at Pizza Hut. So here goes. Here is what I am looking for:

- Spicy, garlicy, tangy thick sauce that has tons of flavor
- lots of toppings!
- Not too soft, not hard crust
- Crust should be not thin, but not like chicago deep dish.

We used to eat at Venus pizza years ago, and Pagliaci's for a deep and heavy pie. A pie's weight should not high because of crust weight, but rather its ingredients.

Any suggestions?

Also, how is Van's Pizza? Also, has any one had the pizza at Shileagh Pubs in Signal Hill?

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  1. I haven't been to Van's for a couple of years, but I recall it as a decent neighbourhood Greek-style pizzeria. Medium-thick but very nice crust, heavy on the toppings, that thick crispy layer of cheese on top. Can't remember the sauce. I seem to remember that the service wasn't as good as you often get in those small joints, but I think that may have been because it was a quiet night and the server was splitting her attention between the dining room and lounge.

    I can't say I'd insist everybody go to Van's, but I recall it as worth checking out a shot, particularly if it's close.

    1. Boy, Venus pizza certainly takes me back! Anyway, being a big fan of the long lamented Venus Pizza I would highly recommend Volos Pizza in Knob Hill. Please note that they are closed for August for holidays.


      1. Sounding like a broken record warning!

        Shilelagh's is a smoke-choked hellhole that my partner and I had the unfortunate mistake of trying when we went to see a movie at westhills. And the food was horrible (cannot comment on the pizza).

        I had Van's at the insistence of an employee of another pizza joint- ordered in- I can only say that it was not very expensive, but for that style, I much prefer Sophies or Nick's (and am I the only one on here who likes Nick's? The way that crust tastes like it was finished on a buttery grill, and the fantastic kalamata oliives they use- I love that place, and delivery is FAST, maybe because I am close to the 14 St location). Sophie's has a fantastic sauce, thick (as if it's made w/ tomato paste- this is how I make my own pizza sauce) and its flavour is seasoned in a way that is hard to pin down, but it definitely includes cinnamon, which is much better than it sounds- Greek, ya know.

        Hart50, I promise to try Volo's!

        1. I used to be a big fan of Van's though recently have been converted by the more steakhouse style pizza's around town which sounds like what you are looking for. I am also a fan of Nicks pizza and would reccomend Eddies Nest as an alternative (though they too are closed for August holidays). Its a take out/delivery only spot on 12 ave SW. They use homemade sauce, good quality toppings and loads of real cheese.

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          1. re: karmafish

            karma, is Eddie's Nest the old Mike's Pizza? I used to live down in the Beltline and Mike's was my favorite.

            1. re: Hart50

              Eddie's is in an apartment bldg near the Lougheed House and Mikes is closer to Centre St.

              1. re: John Manzo

                The Mike's I was thinking of was right across from Rundle College-roughly 12th Ave and 8th Street SW. I know it changed hands some years ago but I can't remember the new name.

                1. re: Hart50

                  sounds like where gnocchi's (and Domino's) is now? Or maybe where the late great Calzoni's was?

          2. Raj,

            The pizza @ Shilelagh's used to be outstanding from 2000-2003. Then it changed ownership/management, the food got worse, the smoke got thicker and I stopped going.

            Luckily all the original great food is now at Tipperary's (16th Ave and 19th ST NW).

            It's even better than before because they have a smoking 18+ lounge, AND a smoke-free all ages restaurant. Love the Pizza and the dinner specials. and the $2 breakfast on weekends.

            Mr. Manzo, have you ever been? Great place for Irish pub fare without smoke.

            For pizza as you described. I would agree with Spiros, Sophies, Volos, and Nick's. I would also recommend Vern's Pizza which I see is now open on 17th Ave just west of 37th ST by the Tim Hortons. They are very topping friendly, though not the most gourmet place I've ever been!