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Aug 11, 2006 02:54 AM

taiwanese pork chop rice

been craving for this all day today. any suggestions on places to hit?
so far my fav has been the hole in the wall pearl restaurant in monterey park, but haven't had the luck for the bay area...

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  1. This thread mentions a few places for pork chop rice, enough to get your started.

    Authentic Taiwanese -

    1. I can't vouch for authenticity or even compare to other versions, but I'm a fan of the pork chop at Tea Garden, a Taiwanese place known for street snacks, noodle soups, and rice plates. The pork chop is fried with a garlicky sauce and sits next to pickled greens on rice.

      I also really like the pork belly and cilantro-stuffed sweet bread. I don't know the Taiwanese name or even the correct English translation, but the bread is like the fluffy bread that sometimes is served with Peking duck. The bread is sliced open and filled generously with fatty pork belly, cilantro, and pickled greens. Each is around $2, and two of them make for a medium-sized lunch.

      Another favorite is the beef noodle soup. The noodles aren't homemade, but the broth is rich.

      Tea Garden is on the south (or east, depending on how you think SOMA is oriented) side of Mission, between 1st and 2nd streets but much closer to 1st, approximately across from Linda's Place.

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        I think the Taiwanese pork chop lunchbox at Tea Garden is very authentic. It has that train lunchbox taste down. Another one I like is Spices! 1. While I think the pork chop itself at Spices is a bit crisper on the outside, the meat sauce at Tea Garden is better.

      2. The best in Financial District in the city, but only okay compare to other places in the Bay Area.

        Last time I went to Pearl's I was not too impressed with the pork chop. I thought it was rather dry. I had a really nice pork chop with lew roe (minced meat sauce) and pickles at a really nice little place in Santa Clara. I think it's called Joy Cup off of El Camino. Though, I believe the place was recently sold and I'm afraid they might have pork chop rice anymore.

        I will ask my brother who is a pork chop fein about any other places and will report back.

        1. I've twice had the very simple pork-chop rice at Queen House in Mountain View. Both times, I was pleased at the taste of the fried chop. It seems like the cook has just the right timing to get it out juicy, hot, and with a flavorful brown crust.

          It's a pretty simple dish, but I understand why you crave it done well. Now if only someone could point us to good Hainanese chicken-rice around here...

          Queen House, 273 Castro, Mountain View, 650 960 0580.

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          1. re: David Sloo

            The Panda restaurant on the corner of Balboa & 41st. ave. near the beach in SF gives you a huge pile of porkchops for a very low price. Rice would be on the side. These are thin, kind of dry and breaded. I just could not believe hot much you get. The leftovers became 2 more meals for 2 people.

            1. re: niki rothman

              Note that Panda's version is NOT Taiwanese pork chop rice.

          2. Wow, thanks to everyone for the inputs! There's quite a few more places i've yet to try! I had the pork chop rice from China Tofu in union city last night. The veggies were good and they serve a good portion of the pork chops. However, the juicyness and flavour of the pork could still be better.