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Aug 11, 2006 02:52 AM

Uh-oh.. What's up with Florida Smoked Fish (Ft. Lauderdale)?

Florida Smoked fish on SR 84 in southern Ft. Lauderdale looks like it may not be reopening come September. The owners usually close down from around Memorial Day until Labor Day, but driving by a few days ago, the SO noticed the neon sign in the window was gone. Yesterday I stopped and took a look inside and the refrigerators by the door were gone, the posters and flyers and knickknacks were gone... and when I called the number, figuring I'd get a message or endless ringing, it was disconnected.

I hope they moved or are just sprucing the place up and I suppose I should be happy for them if they retired. But if they're gone, what will we do without their blue marlin dip? Argh.

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  1. just got back in town and headed right there- definitely out of business, with no sign of relocating. we will dearly miss this place- the smoked mahi dip always has my mouth watering!

    1. Wow, never thought old chuck would ever leave that shop. I spent many days smoking and drinking cold ones there. I will call him later to see what the deal is... I hope he is safe and sound. Anyone wanting the recipe for the dip? Please email if chuck is out of the biz I am sure he wouldnt mind. FYI chuck never needed the money!