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Driving from Seattle to San Francisco...

I'm making a road trip this Sunday from Seattle to San Francisco and wanted to get some good ideas for good, cheap, simple road food of superlative quality... I'm reckoning on being in Oregon/Northern CA for lunch.

Anything goes as long as it's not too far off the beaten track.

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  1. Hi-

    Please post a query on the California board for the California portion of your road trip.


      1. If tony2x is who I think he is, I think he's flexible on routing, heading down the coast for part of the trip if there's something worth eating that way.

        Considering how much faster it is to fly, a road trip from Seattle to SF is usually journey of choice, so I doubt he wants to stick to I-5 exclusively.

        1. Well it looks like I am who you think I am because routing is flexible. I don't mind taking the path less travelled for exceptional road food. However, I do only have one day and 34Gb's worth of entertainment on my iPod so let's keep it sensible :)

          Who do you think I am terrier? :)

          1. Novak's Hungarian open early in Albany. Follow the signs.
            Wolf Creek Tavern is worth a cruise thru.
            North Medford exit, take 99 south.
            Where Court changes to Central will be Las Morenas2 on your left, a nifty Taco joint.
            Dorados, ceviche, etc.
            South Medford-take the Barnett Road exit right-west 2 lights.
            You'll be at Riverside/hwy 99/Pacific Highway. To the right you've got the Taco Rico truck up in the parking lot right before World Famous Autos.
            Go To the left at the intersection of Barnett and 99 and after a few miles(It's called Pacific Highway on streetsigns)you'll hit a string of taco trucks, Tacos Micel right south of the BMW motorcycle shop in a Mexican Auto Repair shop lot, is my favorite. Good Birria. If the Mexican Grocery is open in Phoenix, you should stop. Their sign will
            be out on your left. Chiva. Ton of places in Ashland, but I'm an omar's

            and Peerless
            Bar Menu fan.
            You could also detour through the applegate
            and check out a few wineries

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            1. re: bbqboy

              (541) 967-9488
              2306 Heritage Way SE
              Albany, OR 97321

              -we were between food stops, so this was a detour for a box of pastries. I only wish that we'd gone on our way with TWO boxes! (at least one of everything...) It's a friendly, warm-hearted stop and we'll be back same time, next year...to try the menu.

              and yes, it is open early - from 6:30 am for breakfast to 9 pm.

            2. If terrier is who I think he is then tony2x must be who I think he is and that must me that I am not me. Perhaps terrier can tell me who I am.

              Really, I don't know who anyone is. However, my girlfriend and I are planning a road trip to SF next month. We hope to drive along the coast and east some good oregon coastal food (does that exist?). We are planning on taking I-5 to portland to have dinner and then drive out to the coast from there and then down to SF. It looks like 101 does not really go "near" the coast once you get past Eureka so I thought it may be best to go further inland in N.CA. to explore wine country a bit. I am not familiar with this part of the world as I am from the other coast. So, If anyone knows good chow along the way and route suggestions I would really appreciate it. To summarize:

              Need suggestions for:
              Dinner in portland
              Various places along the coast in Portland
              Places in N.CA. along the coast and inland.

              I will be hitting the CA board for SF suggestions


              Let us know how your trip goes and have fun.


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                If I were stopping in Portland for dinner, I'd go to Pambiche for their wonderful Cuban food and incredible desserts...Fife (4440 NE Fremont St., 971-222-3433) for absolutely everything on the "ever-changing menu of regional American cuisine"...Apizza Scholls for the clam and guanciale pizza or the meatball pizza (and for dessert, the cannoli).

                1. re: samiam

                  Can you be more specific about what you're looking for in Portland? There's a lot of dinner places here! I really like Pambiche, Fife, and Apizza Scholls, but I don't know if those fit what you're looking for.

                2. Tee Hee. Sorry for the confusion tony2x - I have another friend driving SEA to SF soon who's also fond of chicharron. I saw your other post on the SF board and figured you two were one and the same.

                  Hope you have a great trip!