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Aug 11, 2006 02:33 AM

Martha's Vineyard luncheon for 50?

Any suggestions? This is part of a wedding weekend, and we are looking for something fun and casual.

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  1. What dates are you looking for? If its summer and on the weekend you may have some trouble finding a place because most places are small - you'd be closing them down for lunch and that means losing A LOT of cash. Are you all staying in a hotel? Could they set up a lunch? (although they probably have weddings happening every weekend until November)is someone renting a house? I would suggest catering a clambake. However if this wedding is this summer (or fall) I don't know if you would find someone that isn't alrady booked. If its next summer or fall -start calling now. Maybe the Navigator in edgartown (its the only place I can think of large enough with out taking over the whole place)

    1. Agree with what Cheeset said. It's all date specific and location specific. When/Where is the wedding? what is your budget? Also, if you'd like to do a clambake you'll probably need your own beach to do so as most of the beaches on the Vineyard are private.

      Try calling the Lamberts Cove Inn-

      If you are really desperate- you can try the old Hot Tin Roof- now called the Outerlands. It's at the airport. It's essentially a bar/club place- but they may be able to open it up for a luncheon. Not great ambiance (it's at the airport) but if you're in a bind....

      1. Thanks for the advice. I am planning all this for next summer. So there should be plenty of time.

        This is one day of a wedding week I am planning, the actual wedding will be later in the week in Woods Hole. We are also planning a clambake, but this is for another day on the Cape. The tentative plan for MV is to take the ferry as a group and have a coach waiting for us at the terminal. We will have a half day tour of the island and would like to include lunch somewhere nice yet affordable.

        Thanks again.

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          I'd skip the tour of the island ...not all that exciting, even for people who are traveling from far away. Instead, you should try to cater a luncheon with a stunning view, or try to do something in town somewhere so people can walk around on their own. Tours by those bus companies are horrendous. So many great catering options...especially if it's during the week, and for lunch! Definitely try the upstairs at Alchemy or outside at Atria. You could also try the deck at the Seafood Shanty, which has mediocre food, but the best view!

        2. I'm glad its for next year - I was worried for you! I would suggest the Beach Plum Inn up Island - the grounds are awesome and the food is fantastic. It is pricey and the town is dry - you would have to make arrangements to have booze delivered if you wished - not hard to do. It could work out nicely with your tour of the Island - there are some galleries up along the way if that interest you.(I think the tour is a nice idea - at my sister's wedding she rented a Trolley to take the wedding party from the church in Edgartown to the reception at the AG Hall with stops along the way for pictures).

          In Edgartown, the Coach House at the Harborview would be nice or upstairs at David Ryan's can seat 50 and may be able to do something special. I would just google restaurants and inns on MV because there are not many that can seat that many at once.

          1. I would suggest the restaurant at the Harborview in Edgartown. The food is good and they should be handle 50 guests easily. There is a lovely front porch with a view of the lighthouse, and it's an easy walk to the shops.