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Aug 11, 2006 02:10 AM

quintessential new york chow

i have friends visiting from l.a. who are looking for new york food/restaurants that are either quintessentially new york or uneasily obtained in l.a. (for instance, i know you can get good tacos in sunset park, great sushi throughout manhattan, and tasty thai at sripraphai, but l.a. tends to excel on each of those fronts). in other words, what culinary omissions would make you feel like a bad host? i've started a list with some of the things that immediately come to mind (sorry for the overlap between manhattan and outer boroughs, but it seems an unecessarily limiting distinction to me), any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated...

pizza (di fara, lombardi, grimaldi)
delis (katz's, carnegie, 2nd ave... er, nevermind)
new gastronomy (wd-50, room 4 dessert)
greek seafood (kyclades, agnanti, milos)
hot dogs (papaya king, gray's papaya)

any other categories or inclusions?

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  1. Not necessarily "New York," but maybe not so easy to find in L.A. (?):

    Maybe Polish food? I had a friend from S.F. who found it exotic 20 years ago at least; same with a Dominican -- east coast comida Latina.

    How about a Sicilian foccaceria?

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    1. re: Peter Cherches

      or Russian? Brighton Beach is a nice place to visit and eat.

    2. Bagels bagels bagels.

      Ess-A-Bagel at 51st and 3rd (and a location in the LES as well)

      1. i think the most appealing thing about ny food scene is that you can walk within a 3-by-3 block area and eat cuisines from 20 different countries.

        take a walk downtown - from chinatown, up to little italy, lower east side and soho. that experience, in my belief, IS quintessentially new york.

        1. Coffee with cream and sugar ;-)

          1. hamburgers - Burger Joint in Le Parker Meridien Hotel for an old-style burger, fries and soda for $12 or Pop Burger in the meatpacking district for something a little more nouveau, hip and pricey