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Aug 11, 2006 01:44 AM


Had a very underwhelming oyster po' boy at The Gumbo Pot the other day.

Should I give it a second chance and try the ya-ya gumbo or shrimp etouffe?

Please advise!!

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  1. Well yes. It's called the Gumbo pot, not the po' boy... you get the idea. I like the place, but I haven't been to New Orleans to try the real deal.

    1. chower: Have you had their jambalaya?

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        I think so, its been years to be honest. I liked it, but once again, I never had the real deal so I can't verify its authenticity.

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          Jambalaya there sucks the big andouille! Had it, had alot better elsewhere. It's a shame that being a cajun creole joint that they can't even make a regional classic decent!

        2. FWIW, I actually liked the po boy there more than I liked their gumbo (as compared to my one and only trip ever to NO). So if it's not doing it for you, try a few other places before heading back there. I haven't been yet, but my boyfriend says Harold and Belle's is a lot better (and pricier) than Gumbo Pot, and he was on the same one and only trip to NO I was on.

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            Hate to say this..but it is not very good. A "fix" at times, but nothing more than that. One day eveybody has simply gotta get down to NOLA and go for the real deal, and help this incredible city rebuild. There are other places in LA, but I cannot comment on them.

          2. I think all their food is very disgusting, especially their soups/gumbos. It is a shock that
            that is the name of their place. Nothing like a real gumbo, for example.

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              Wow, disgusting is a strong word. What makes their gumbo disgusting?

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                after i posted it i realized i'd written it. really bad, let's say.

                there is no subtlety to the flavor. i don't know what kind of broth they're using but i don't remember any crawfish, okra or rice in it. it tasted burnt, acidic and anything but what i would call a gumbo. it tasted like some other bad soup. we got their jambalaya, all of it was the same. the people i was with thought it was ok but their taste buds, in all honesty, go for anything.

                so, given that it is its namesake, i would expect not only better but something at least edible. not close... + i love gumbo!

            2. I have not been in a few months, only once since Charles, the original owner, sold it to Clinton, the cook. As someone who has traveled to New Orleans and driven all over Cajun Country in a search for the culinary treasures of both areas, I have enjoyed The Gumbo Pot many times. I find the gumbos just ok but the jambalaya has always been very good, especially with a few shots of Tabasco! The seafood salad with a piece of blackened fish, cold boiled crawfish and a raw oyster is a tasty change of pace. GF likes their red beans and rice. The beignets are variable, sometimes they do satisfy along with a bottomless cup of their cafe au lait when I can get over there early!

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                I've been to New Orleans before but stuffed myself on so much food there that I was too overwhelmed to form true opinions on the local cuisine :)

                I've had Harold & Belle's, the gumbo is real good. Another honorable mention is La Louisianne, which is on Slauson and Overhill (few blocks east of the "La Cienega Freeway.")