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Aug 11, 2006 01:20 AM

Dublin Italian

Looking for some tasty authentic Italian food, when in Dublin this October.


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  1. I suggest Peploes on Stephens Green as a good Italian in the city; Il Posto on Stephens Green also has a good reputation.

    There is a new "Italian Quarter" with some cute Italian cafes (called Bloom's lane) which is close to the Jervis luas stop- or at the new Millenium bridge on the quays.

    Il Baccaro is a little difficult to find- it is tucked away in Meeting Hosue Square in Temple Bar is also a good option.

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      Thanks for your reply...thought I'd never get a response! Alice

    2. I would not consider peploes italian and its pricey. Bar Italia in the new Italian quarter is decent Roman style food. Il Vicoletto I know is liked by many Italians here and is located in Temple Bar.