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Aug 11, 2006 01:05 AM

Healthy Eats in Cambridge

I'm visiting Boston and I'm looking for some places that has really healthy food, specifically good salads. I'm on a student budget and would prefer a place that is more self-serve (with seating), but suggestions for waiter service would be good too. The areas I'll be in are Harvard Sq, near Tufts and near Boston College. Also, suggestions on salad bars (like Whole Foods) would be appreciated too.


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  1. Harvard Square:

    Broadway Market - a decidedly above average salad and prepared foods bar. Possibly only available at lunch, not sure.

    B. Good - food is reasonably good, as well as healthy, plus they have nutritional stats for all their menu items.

    Hi Rise Bread - a number of excellent (if a few bucks overpriced and not quite as healthy) salad options.

    Davis Sq (Near Tufts):

    O' Naturals - healthy (if rather mediocre) lunch and dinner options.

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      I've only been to the O'Naturals in Acton (I didn't know they had one near Tufts). I do like their caesar salad (which bears very little resemblance to a real caesar salad, but I like it nonetheless).

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        Broadway Market is insanely stupidly ridiculously expensive for what you get (and the quality IMHO). I'd avoid it completely.

        The fka Pho Pasteur in Harvard Square, now Pho Le IIRC, is a great cheap eat for healthy food. I go for the salad of shredded cabbage with poached chicken and shrimp.

        Cambridge 1 on Church St has some nice salads.

        Darwin's on Mt. Auburn St. just outside of Harvard Square does sandwiches. Personally, I just detest the vibe in there, but it's a good option.

        Ditto the recommendation for Veggie Planet, though sometimes their salads are completely under seasoned, sometimes they have so much garlic that your breath could keep a legion of vampires at bay.

        Cambridge Common on Mass. Ave outside Harvard Sq. always has some healthy options and the prices are quite reasonable. It's essentially good pub food, with some upscale twists.

        In Davis Square there's sandwiches and salads at Diesel Cafe (a GREAT coffee shop and decent cheap, healthy sandwiches--I've not tried the salads). Also, there is a sandwich shop run by the family of the owners of the Tibetan restaurant (the name escapes me!) with good, healthy wrap sandwiches for short money.

        Nearer to Davis Square but after Porter on Mass. Ave is Greek Corner - Greek salad topped with grilled chicken runs about $6. Their octopus app. is decent, too.

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