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Aug 11, 2006 12:57 AM

THE EX - food and memories...

The CNE is opening aug 18th weekend. Care to share some must-haves and maybe some memories? Also, Toronto Star has coupons in it right ot save money on purchases in the Ex.

Things I will be eating:

Tiny Tom's donuts - apple cinnamon flavour
Beaver Tail
Curly Fries
Cheddar Fries
Dole Whip
Corn Dog
Caramel Apple
Apple dumpling
99c spaghetti (it's gross, but it's for tradition)

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  1. When I was a teen (many many moons ago) I worked at the CNE for a few years and I always ate:

    Tiny Tom's donuts
    Shopsy's corn dogs
    99c spaghetti (was it Lancia?)
    Ice cream waffles

    1. Lolas.

      They were revived a few years' ago, but now I don't see them around - gone again?

      Anyway, that's what I always went for in the Food Building, that's what I always gnawed on all summer long. I especially liked when the cold would freeze your brain and you'd temporarily see nothing but painful bright light. Good times.

      1. I agree with mrsleny on all things. For the corndogs, however, go for the ones sold outside of the food building, not the generic "Pogo's".

        A personal tradition, I've also had is getting a cheap waffle cone for the SWISS International vendor.

        BTW, what happened to the "Foods of the World" vendor stands? They used to be beside the Alpine Way (which was dismantled years ago).

        1. How about H. Salt fish and chips? Dill pickles on a stick?

          I seem to recall coming out of the food building with loads of gum, chocolate and candy in those long thin plastic bags. Did they give it away for free back then or did my parents pay for it while I was busy stuffing my mouth with 3 cubes of Hubba Bubba?

          Definitely Tiny Tom donuts - except with that wonderful white icing sugar.

          1. Ice cream WAFFLES from a stand outside, in the midway area. Freshly-made waffles sandwiching a chunk of ice cream. Oh yeah!