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Aug 11, 2006 12:54 AM

Where to buy good chicken sausages in NoVa?

Whole Foods used to be great. Now they are not. Few choices and now they are giant size (at least at my Whole Foods). Any suggestions?

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  1. It seems that it's hard to buy any sausages that AREN'T chicken these days, at least once you get beyond the Italian or breakfast sasusages, or the ethnic ones. I buy them occasionally at Trader Joe's and they're OK if you like chicken sausage. Some pretty strange varieties.

    What I really want to know where you can get good, unhealthy, fat, PORK sausages any more.

    1. Not NOVA of course, but if you go to Eastern Market on the weekends, there used to be a great selection there.

      Also not chicken, but the Reston farmer's market at Lake Anne has a stand by Cibala, who do some really good sausages.