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Fish Tacos

Where could I find some traditional fish tacos, anywhere in the city?

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  1. I really like the fish tacos at El Cid in Logan Square, located directly across from the blue line stop. The place has a nice outdoor dining area in the back and the margaritas are delicious as well.

    1. I'm not an expert on "traditional," but I find the fish tacos at El Cid (2645 N Kedzie) to be quite tasty.

      1. The Sidebar, the steak restaurant in the lobby of the 221 N. LaSalle Street building, has delicious fish tacos on their lunch menu. I don't know if they're "traditional," but they're very similar to fish taco recipes I've seen on Internet recipe sites - seasoned fried fish fillets in this case tilapia), crisp red onion, and a creamy spicy dressing.

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          No disrespect, but FYI, Sidebar is NOT a steak restaurant. At ALL.

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            Yikes, I failed to look at the year this was posted. Disregard (although info is still true).

        2. for fast food - I happen to like the fish tacos at Taco Fresco ( www.tacofresco.com ) - they taste similar to the ones I have had in san diego -

          1. No joke, Baha Fresh has very good fish tacos.

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              Baja Fresh is EXCELLENT. I used to live in Los Angeles, so having one here has been a god-send. Now only if Rubio's would open up out here....... Rubio's is THE BEST!

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                If you would like to continue discussion of Baja Fresh, please start a thread on the Chains board. Let's keep this board focussed on chow unique to Chicagoland.


              2. Fonda del Mar on Fullerton and Hamlin has fish tacos that seem pretty good to me. Although I have eaten thousands of tacos, when it comes to fish tacos I am not sure what constitutes "traditional". They are made with fried fish topped with cabbage in freshly made tortillas. They are listed on the menu as an appetizer. You get 2 tacos for $5 with a cup of really tasty and peppery seafood soup.

                1. I agree with El Cid...there's also an El Cid 2 located on 2645 N. Kedzie, Chicago, (773) 395-0505. This location has a great outdoor patio.

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                    I'm not sure how they're fish tacos are but I certainly know what their fish soup is like. I think that El Cid is overrated. I ordered fish soup at El Cid on Kedzie and It was by far the worst fish soup and food in general that I've ever tasted. In fact, the fish tasted like it was rotting for days. The fish was cut in cross sections so all of the thick skin and bones were present. Now I know that the skin and bones give a lot of flavor but at least serve it fresh. The staff was pretty embarrased. The owner came over and asked if I wanted another fish soup...no thanks. If you find a decent fish soup then you'll find good fish tacos.

                  2. try the rockwell grill off the rockwell stop of the brown line - just NW of lincoln sqaure- great fish tacos!

                    1. not really traditional, but big and little's has some pretty tasty fish tacos.