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Aug 11, 2006 12:54 AM

Fish Tacos

Where could I find some traditional fish tacos, anywhere in the city?

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  1. I really like the fish tacos at El Cid in Logan Square, located directly across from the blue line stop. The place has a nice outdoor dining area in the back and the margaritas are delicious as well.

    1. I'm not an expert on "traditional," but I find the fish tacos at El Cid (2645 N Kedzie) to be quite tasty.

      1. The Sidebar, the steak restaurant in the lobby of the 221 N. LaSalle Street building, has delicious fish tacos on their lunch menu. I don't know if they're "traditional," but they're very similar to fish taco recipes I've seen on Internet recipe sites - seasoned fried fish fillets in this case tilapia), crisp red onion, and a creamy spicy dressing.

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          No disrespect, but FYI, Sidebar is NOT a steak restaurant. At ALL.

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            Yikes, I failed to look at the year this was posted. Disregard (although info is still true).

        2. for fast food - I happen to like the fish tacos at Taco Fresco ( ) - they taste similar to the ones I have had in san diego -

          1. No joke, Baha Fresh has very good fish tacos.

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              Baja Fresh is EXCELLENT. I used to live in Los Angeles, so having one here has been a god-send. Now only if Rubio's would open up out here....... Rubio's is THE BEST!

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                If you would like to continue discussion of Baja Fresh, please start a thread on the Chains board. Let's keep this board focussed on chow unique to Chicagoland.