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Aug 11, 2006 12:50 AM

Montreal in 3 days on a student's budget

I'll be in Montreal for 3 days for a conference and I am on a student's budget. Where should I eat? I will be staying at McGill University and during the day I will be attending events at the Palais des Congres de Montreal but I am willing to travel anywhere that is easily accessible with public transport. I love food of all types. Thanks!

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  1. you should go to Toque!
    More seriously, Montreal is a great place for eating on the cheap. Just east of McGill is St. Laurent which has some wonderful cheap eats. There are a whole series of delis/butchers that each serve (gigantic) delicious freshly sliced sandwiches for around $4. Schwartz's further up on St. Laurant is the place for smoked meat. Also on St. Laurant (at the corner of Rachel), Patati Patata for wonderful, fresh cut fries. Euro-deli near Prince Arthur and St. Laurent has pretty good take out Italien (thin crust pizza, pasta dishes, and paninis). On the lighter side, there's the vegetarian restaurant Lola Rosa on Milton just down from the university gates.

    Further afield, Bagles from Fairmount (or St. Viateur) are in the mile-end area. 12 bagles and a thing of Liberty Cream Cheese (the best) will be well under $10.

    For a nicer, but still cheap meal, try Pintxo on Roy. It's a modern Spanish restaurant that serves a $28 tasting menu featuring 4 tapas dishes, a main and dessert.

    Also, Meatmarket north on St. Laurent for fancy burgers and ribs that are worlds better than Baton Rouge.

    There's way more than this, but I'll leave it for others...

    1. I must second Euro-Deli. I haven't lived in Montreal in 8 years, but I still dream about their eggplant lasagne (noodles replaced by thin eggplant slices).

      ALthough it was a long time ago (and admittedly when Montreal was not yet on its upswing), Montreal was a haven for student budget friendly eating. I'm coming back next weekend, I hope it hasn't changed.