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Aug 11, 2006 12:49 AM

Foods I can't live without from the Red Hook Fairway

1. Wallaby yogurt. God, these yogurts are so good and come in such unbelievable flavors - mango lime, orange passionfruit, even the lemon is devine.

2. Abba herring. Right accross from the smoked fish counter, I've tried all the variations and have concluded that the "traditional marinade" is my favorite. It's so good I can eat half of it right out of the jar before I even get to the table.

3. Fairway brand Kalamata olive oil. So tasty, such a good deal.

4. Local Red Jacket Orchards apricots. Better than any I've had and so freaking gorgeous to look at.

5. Jules Destrooper Butter Almond Cookies. Crispy, buttery and seven is the official serving!

6. I'm really not a prepared food person but the baked and breaded chicken cutlets with dried cranberries and pecans are totally addictive.

7. Elite Mulberry juice. Watered down a bit and over ice, ahhh.

8. Japanese "Spicy Sauce". You know that orange-ish mayo that all those spicy tuna rolls contain? I think it's so hilarious that Fairway sells it in little containers but I love it and I dip everything into it.

9. Recently, the lobster rolls on the cafe menu. No, it's not the best lobster roll in recorded history, but for nine bucks including olive oil chips and good cole slaw, sitting out back watching the boats go by, I am entirely happy.

10. Saba. Love it with gorgonzola and also chunks of parmigiano.

No one can talk cheese or slice smoked salmon like Blue Apron and so it shall always be for me, but my list of Fairway addictions is growing.

Anyone want to add on?

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  1. The Prime Beef in the Butcher's section.

    1. 1. Ben's cream cheese!!!!! You must try this.
      2. Fairway smoked salmon "ends". $3.99/lb.
      3. Fairway Grapeseed oil--$8.99 for a large bottle. Great price.
      4. Mini-bagels--perfect size. See number 1 and number 2.
      5. Ground Bison--makes awesome and healthy burgers
      6. SO swears by the oxtail and stuffed cabbage on the hot bar.
      (I haven't had it yet...)

      I am sure there is more--but that's a start...

      1. Fairway Salsa(Spicy), in the refrigerated section across from the meat counter

        1. fairway brand spinach and cheese ravioli. they were great.

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            I thought of another!! The lasagna in the fresh pasta section. It is around $2.49/box, and you can cut it up into tagliatelli or use for your own ravioli or tortellini.

          2. Jumbo shrimp -- so tasty and fresh
            fresh whole wheat linguine -- finally, a whole wheat pasta that doesn't taste like a compromise
            The fresh, not-from-concentrate pomegranate juice that is always being sampled when you walk in - cheaper and scads better than Pom (which, who knew, is actually from concentrate)
            The packaged sea salt and rosemary flat breads near the bakery section - wow.