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Aug 11, 2006 12:21 AM

Dhaba - Great Food, Fatally Small Portions

I went to this place last night, partially on the recommendations of many hounds. Others were not so enthusiastic.

I am mixed. The food is very nice. Good, bold flavours. But, the prices and portions! Holy cow! The prices are 40% higher than any other Indian place in town. Butter chicken, $14. Tandoori Prawn $19. Channa masala $11!!!!

And, the portions are 40% smaller than any other place.

Too bad. I won't rush back. Better off going to Maroli or King Palace, where you can eat the city's best Indian for cheap.

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  1. I have only ever had the lunch buffet at Dhabba, and that has always been excellent. The food is of a very high quality, and as you said strong and distinct flavors. They don't put out vast containers,so the food is constantly being refilled and stays fresh. I think I'll stick to my lunches there!!

    1. i would say it's worth it for you to try again, for their lunch buffet. it's also available on saturdays. i like it, and there is some stuff that you don't find on standard buffets, like amazing cabbage and peas (something that i thought i would hate but was willing to try anyway, and ended up LOVING it.)

      1. I will try their buffet and report back. Thanks for the tip.