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King Palace

I went to this place on the recommendation of fellow hounds.

THANK YOU. This place is wonderful, a true chowfind. It's a Pakistani/Indian place frequented by cabbies, open 7 days a week, 'til 5:00 a.m.

The food is fantastic. The naan is to die for.

This is some of the best Indian in town. Reminds me of Maroli.

IF you want further details, let me know. Or, go there. It's cheap and superbly delicious.

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  1. This place is great - try the pakora curry. I am sure it is not good for you - but tastes fantastic!

    1. Yes, I completely agree. Everything is very well spiced, and distinctively so. I love any of their saag dishes.

      One tip about the place for newbies: don't let the dizzying array of combos that are pictured behind the counter confound you. They make it seem you can only order one main item with your meal. Ignore the photos and simply ask the server that you'd like to try a bunch of things. Then point away. The person will keep piling on food until the container is bursting.

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        Now that's info I can use. I was a little confused as to how much and how many I could get. Good to know.

        I ate there, so instead of the seemingly larger take-out container, I got a bowl with food. I guess I should get the take-out container, and have him jam it up.

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          Right at the corner gas station at Sherbourne & Richmond.

        2. Is this the place at Sherbourne & Adelaide right next to the gas station??

          1. Their naan is terrific.

            One thing that turned me off was that they warmed up the food in the microwave and it cooled down rather quickly leaving it rather unappetizing.

            1. Also a fave of mine... simple, hearty, cheap, flavourful... a wide variety of choices all within view and ready in a couple of minutes.

              My only complaints - and I hesitate to mention them - is they should just forget about the side salad - it's the only thing on the menu that isn't good.

              If I could comment on Pizza Lover's post... the whole idea here is that the food is cafeteria-style - ready for take-out or to eat within minutes, so they HAVE to microwave it. If you want a freshly prepared individual entree, this is not the place. This is about having a wide variety of delicious Indian/Pakistani dishes ready in minutes, so there has to be some compromise...

              Also, the place is SPOTLESS!!!

              1. This place still good? Don't see any recent talk about it.
                Also is this take out only or can you eat there?

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                  I don't think I would rave about it as much as some of the other posters....but it is very good...especially late night/early mornings when other options are fewer...

                  I think the location has changed though...no longer down by Sher & Adelaide...it is up near Davenport & Church...across from the CDN Tire parking lot...still open late and lots of cabbies....

                  1. re: BloorWestie...

                    Their deserts are wonderful too. I understand it's cafeteria style but the use of the microwave to reheat everything really takes it down a few notches.

                  2. re: Little T

                    It is still really good, and open until 6am every day to boot! I've only been going since they moved, but yes, they're now on Church, just East of Yonge. You can eat in or do take out. Just microwave it yourself, when you get home, if you're doing take out.
                    If it's your first time going, don't be put off by the gigantic and overly confusing menu of every imaginable combination; just pick out a few items and tell them you want that with rice, as a combo.