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Ad Hoc!

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I just drove by Ad Hoc in Yountville and although the shades are still drawn and the permit is still in the window, but the sign is finally up! It reads,

"For the Temporary Relief of Hunger
Ad Hoc"

The sign looks like an office file label. It looks pretty cool.

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  1. Latest news has the opening delayed until September.

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    1. re: Carrie 218

      Did you read that somewhere?

    2. No - got friends in the neighborhood...

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      1. re: Carrie 218

        Ad Hoc opens Sept. 16!!!!!!!

        1. re: cynrocks

          Do you have Ad Hoc's address?

          1. re: capriana94555

            found it online...

            Ad Hoc
            6476 Washington Street
            Yountville CA 94599

      2. Apparently they had a "Keller Empire Employee" night two days ago. Reports from friends say it was very good. who knows? Maybe it'll just stay that way?

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        1. re: devinf

          Hi Devin, I ate there for a preopening and the food was fantastic! It is much less formal than Keller's other restaurants, which may throw some people off. The portions were also very generous! I was definatley impressed by the food. It is served family style--four courses.

          Would love to hear from anyone who gets the chance to eat there tonight!