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Aug 10, 2006 11:58 PM

Most Romantic DC Restaurant

I would like to buy a gift certificate to a fantastic restaurant as a wedding present for two friends. I'm thinking a fairly elegant place would be appropriate, and I'll probably spend about $150-200 on the g.c.

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  1. I like Mendocino Grille and Wine Bar in Georgetown. Very intimate and some superb food. Most other elegant places will easily force your friends to pitch in some of their own money.

    1. I liked La Chaumiere in Georgetown for a cozy little unpretencious place. It has a fireplace in the center of the room that can be viewed from all sides (scenic if not functional in the hot weather) and the atmosphere was not overdone or too stuffy. Loved my food. Nice wedding present since it's a little romantic and Georgetown is a great place to stroll around before or after.

      1. The Park Cafe is also a nice romantic out of the way restaurant. It over looks Lincoln Park in Capitol Hill.

        1. L'auberge Chez Francois.

          1. So many choices - do you want small and quaint or something more well known, is it all about the atmosphere or as much about food?
            If it is as much about the food, you might consider Kinkeads (specifically tables 33 upstairs or 61 downstairs are cozy). 2941 is a beautiful restaurant with great food. Both in my opinion would be memorable occasions.
            $200 should be fine for either i think (what a wonderful wedding gift!)
            If it is about quaint, you might consider Tabard Inn (fun to have a drink in the living room first), La Chauemire is also a good idea from above.