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Aug 10, 2006 11:57 PM

Zin Bistro Americana in Westlake Village - has anyone been?

Has anyone been to Zin Bistro Americana in Westlake Village? What was good and what was to be avoided? It's sort of new, do they have their act together?

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  1. Went for lunch about 2 weeks ago and was not impressed. The space is lovely as it is right on lake and they have nice patio seating and an outdoor fireplace. Service was very friendly but slow. I liked that they came around with a bread basket with a lot of variety of breads (liked the olive loaf). However, the food was un-memorable. Went with a group of about 10 co-workers and all agreed that the food was bland and small -portioned for the price (entree salads were priced between $12-18). It looked like they only had one menu for lunch/dinner too.

    1. It's pretty new, only open 2-3 months.

      I stuck my head in about a week ago and it is indeed a beautiful spot, right on the lake and the decor is very modern and upscale. It's in the Landing complex, along with The Landing Sushi Bar & Grill and Boccaccio's.

      It's owned/operated by the Fins (Calabasas/Westlake) and Moz Buddha Longue (Agoura) people.

      1. I did go for dinner last week, wasn’t expecting much. The place is just lovely and it was packed, which is odd for the Westlake Village area at 9:30 pm.

        Service is so-so but the man with the roaming basket of raisin walnut bread with lemon zest kept me from getting cranky. I had, I know this sounds ridiculous, "chicken fried lobster". It was really just big meaty chunks of lightly fried tail meat in panko with a killer thyme beurre blanc. It came with braised chard and excellent unadulterated mashed potato (sweet butter and good spuds!)

        Someone in our party had the filet and one of the loveliest displays of summer vegetables (little purple & Yukon spuds, tiny squash, yellow wax beans, etc) I have seen lately, excellent steak and beautiful presentation. A pasta dish ordered at our table and this doesn’t look like a pasta kind of joint. I almost hate to admit it, but it was delicious; perfectly cooked pasta, light cream sauce, salmon and caviar and I think some asparagus. Desserts were nothing memorable.

        Everything tasted fresh and high quality and the prices were good, $28 for the lobster. I would go back. Maybe not a destination dining spot, but much better than most of the food I have had in the Westlake and T.O. areas.

        1. I finally made it to Zin, albeit for lunch.

          It's really a fantastic spot, especially the patio with firepit, but on this chilly day we decided to stay indoors and envoy the great view in the warmth.

          I had a very nice Cuban sandwich and my dining companion had a salad with blue cheese, chicken and walnuts. When the salad came, we were both surprised that it was a complete chicken breast on the side of the plate with the greens next to it. Looked more like an entree but we were assured it was in fact a salad.

          The service was fantastic as were the breads they offer before ordering.