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Aug 10, 2006 11:34 PM

Indian chaat? Where?

Just went to an Indian wedding where they served a chaat buffet and I fell in love. Any restaurants in LA serve these fabulous snacks? Thank you.

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  1. Anywhere in Artesia. That's where you'll find all the street food!


    1. Bombay Cafe serves an expensive "sev puri" and I think even "bhel puri". But I remember that either the sev or the puffed rice (or rice crispies, if you prefer) had a musty smell. So I'd say don't pay good money for inferior chaat. There's an Indian sweet shop on the south side of Pico around Orange Grove and Pico. They offer good chaat and really awesome 'rasmalai' (a milk based sweet). Other than that I am sure India Sweets and Spices on Venice Blvd, near Main St, and Taste of India also on Venice (near Motor Ave) offer passable chaat. If you do go to Artesia, try Rasraj, or Ambala Sweets and Snacks (, or Jay Bharat ( on Pioneer Blvd, or Surati Farsan ( just off Pioneer Blvd.
      And thanks pal for triggering a massive chaat craving! :-/

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        I believe that the place mentioned on Pico is India Sweet House - 5992 Pico. They also have pretty decent chai (for styrofoam cup chai) and surprisingly good mattar paneer. The dosa I had there was pretty good, but the chutney was bland.

        As far as real chaat, the only thing I have had there was pani puri and I thoroughly enjoyed it - but I am sure some of that was not having to schlep all the way to Artesia to get it!

        1. re: igj

          Ooh! I'll give the chai & matar paneer a try. I think I've had their fried savories on more than one occassion and the thing I appreciate is that even though it's a small place, there's no after taste of old or overused oil.

      2. I had some pani puri earlier, he he:)

        1. I think the India Sweets and Spices in Los Feliz seems to have the best chaat comapred to the other locations in the India Sweets and Spices empire. The Duarte location isn't bad either.

          1. bombay cafe does indeed serve nice puris, but theyre pretty expensive. its just kind of a high end place in general.

            the ultimate place for chaat is:

            surati farsan
            11814 186th St
            Artesia, CA 90701
            (562) 860-2310

            they've got so many kinds you better bring an army to try them all...

            india sweets and spices has some too but theyre not as good.

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            1. re: modernist

              right around the corner from udupi palace which serves nice souther indian dishes. that stretch is the ultimate little india scene with cd/dvd and silk shops

              1. re: modernist

                Absolutely, Surati Farsan is wonderful!