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Best fries around?

I am currently looking for the best fries this city,and the outer boroughs has to offer. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. the burger joint in the parker meridian hotel has great fries

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      hmm. They are good (i.e., better than the ones at the Shake Shack) but they wouldn't even be in my top 10.

      Pretty much any brasserie has better fries including Les Halles, Park Bistro and Artisanal (all within 3 blocks of each other). Balthazar as well.

      db Bistro Moderne's frites that come with the db burger are also very, very good.

      Though hit or miss (and never good when ordering takeout), Penelope can have excellent fries - thicker than the others.

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        You do realize that Burger Joint uses the exact same Lamb Weston fry cut and frying oil as McDonalds, right? I remember it was actually a selling point when BJ opened.

      2. Pommes Frites, Belgian fry stand on 2nd Ave Btwn 7th St and St. Marks...unbelievable fries and a ton of sauces to choose from

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          Do you have an address? I can add it to my GPS for my October trip to the Big Apple.

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              These are amazing. The fries at Vol de Nuit don't even come close, but if you are in that neighborhood (near Washington Sq. Park, on 4th b/t 6th & MacDougal), they are a decent enough substitute.

              For a different type of fry, I like Jane's rosemary french fries or Bigg's potato wedges.

        2. Pommes Frites and Les Halles

          1. I like the fat flat steak fries at the Waverly Diner in the Village. Pomme Frites are also very good but how about the Cassava Fries at Negril (also in the Village) as a great alternative? Yum!

            1. Just this week I had a cheeseburger and fries at Burgers and Cupcakes on 9th Ave btwn 35 and 36. The cheeseburger was spectacular, (but that's for another post), but I was surprised at how great the fries were: looks like fresh potatoes fried to perfection well salted and very crispy! I've been thinking about them all week...

              1. Balthazar. The best downtown, with the Odeon a close second, along with Pastis.

                Beppe, on 21st off Park, has what they call 'Tuscan' fries. Regular fries with some herbs and garlic flash fried at the last moment. Fantastic.

                Les Halles, true. But it's not worth the hassle for a plate of fries.

                - Sean

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                  totally agree.... balthazar and pastis for traditional frites... and the tuscan fries @ Beppe are fantastc....

                2. in the keith mcnally vein... i think schiller's has the best of his spots that i've been to. thin, crispy, served w/ both ketchup and mayo. tho have tried them at all of his spots, except balthazar.

                  1. Having heard countless raves about Les Halles and DB Bistro - and not having been to either yet - I have to officially disqualify myself from being able to weigh in here with any credibility.

                    Then again, if we're just talking about your low rent joints, I have to throw out a special mention to the dill dusted fries at Salut, an excellent, no-nonsense Uzbekistani diner in Rego Park. (At least I think it's dill...what the hey, it's 12:30 on a Friday...it's dill).

                    1. The fries at Zip Burger are pretty good.

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                        i agree..they make excellent belgian fries.

                      2. second pommes frites, would recommend any of the petite abeille chain for excellent fries and perhaps a stella. Even if you're a stupid mayo-phobic american like me, definetly get pommes frites' fry sauce and NOT their ketchup, because as far as I'm concerned they don't taste better any other way.

                        Also, btw, imho the fries at Shake Shack are distinctly sub-par unless coated in cheese.

                        Also, this is probably not at all near the best, but my favorite hang 99 Miles to Philly has some excellent "dirty" Waffle Fries that keep me coming back.

                        1. I have never had better fries than the ones at the Park Ave. So. edition of Les Halles.

                          I do like the Belgian fries at Pommes Frîtes, and LOVE their sauces! Someday when I abandon all gustatory inhibitions, I'm going to get poutine there--fries, cheese curds, and gravy.

                          Just look:


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                            The poutine is awesome...I've tried a number of sauces at Pommes Frites but the poutine is the first one I tried where I had to get a second order cause it was so dang good.

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                              Holy crap I was just there and I didnt see poutine...damnit!

                          2. Cafe de Bruxelles on Greenwich Avenue has far and away the best frites I've ever had. Have been maybe half a dozen times, and they're always perfect, with no burnt bits or duds, and amazing homemade mayo. Plus you can pop in and sit at the bar and order nothing but frites, which is nice.

                            Yesterday, without even seeing this thread, I just happened to go to both Pommes Frîtes and ChipShop and was a bit disappointed with both, considering that frites are their specialty. The regular mayo sauce at Pommes Frîtes didn't do much for me either -- maybe there's a specialty sauce that puts them over the top!

                            1. Pommes Frites is awesome. It is great when you have a large group...you can share a few orders of fries with but everyone should get their own condiment so that everyone can try a large variety. I've loved every one I've tried so far.

                              I also really enjoy the fries at Croxley's. They have regular fries and sweet potato...I think they have a great crunch to soft ratio.

                              1. Orsay on 75th and Lex has excellent fries. I will also agree that Zip Burger on 52nd has great fries and mayo. For something different, the cottage fries at JG Melon's can be very good.

                                1. Nathan's in Coney Island.

                                  1. Best non-potato fry I've had was at Tempo in Park Slope (the restaurant, not the sandwich one). Delicious strips of polenta, fried, not greasy, and creamy in the middle. Does it really count as a french fry? Probably not, but it's so tasty.

                                    Sadly, it comes with the entree. Not sure if you can order it as a side.

                                    1. Coffeeshop on union square has great herb fries.

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                                        I second that. And they're even better when a) you order them covered in cheese, and b) you've been drinking.

                                      2. Carl's Philly Cheese Steak has really good fries.