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Aug 10, 2006 11:00 PM

Best fries around?

I am currently looking for the best fries this city,and the outer boroughs has to offer. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. the burger joint in the parker meridian hotel has great fries

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    1. re: Withnail42

      hmm. They are good (i.e., better than the ones at the Shake Shack) but they wouldn't even be in my top 10.

      Pretty much any brasserie has better fries including Les Halles, Park Bistro and Artisanal (all within 3 blocks of each other). Balthazar as well.

      db Bistro Moderne's frites that come with the db burger are also very, very good.

      Though hit or miss (and never good when ordering takeout), Penelope can have excellent fries - thicker than the others.

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        You do realize that Burger Joint uses the exact same Lamb Weston fry cut and frying oil as McDonalds, right? I remember it was actually a selling point when BJ opened.

      2. Pommes Frites, Belgian fry stand on 2nd Ave Btwn 7th St and St. Marks...unbelievable fries and a ton of sauces to choose from

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        1. re: Todd

          Do you have an address? I can add it to my GPS for my October trip to the Big Apple.

            1. re: Kanger

              These are amazing. The fries at Vol de Nuit don't even come close, but if you are in that neighborhood (near Washington Sq. Park, on 4th b/t 6th & MacDougal), they are a decent enough substitute.

              For a different type of fry, I like Jane's rosemary french fries or Bigg's potato wedges.

        2. Pommes Frites and Les Halles

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