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Aug 10, 2006 10:48 PM

Whole nutmeg

Can someone please tell me where I can get whole nutmeg in Los Angeles. Perferably near Glendale or Burbank. Is this something that the grocery store will carry? Maybe Trader Joe's? TIA

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  1. Yes, it should be available pretty much anywhere. I'm still using some I got at a Mexican market a few years ago...wonder how long it lasts?

    1. You might try Cost Plus. Last time I ran out, I had a rather difficult time locating whole nutmeg. Finally settled for the ground stuff from Trader Joe's.

      Surprisingly, it's very good. Very potent and fresh tasting.

      1. If you have an Indian/Middle Eastern Market nearby, they are GREAT places to get whole spices. :)


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          I heartily second that. These spices are also way cheaper at Indian markets: bay leaves, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, cloves, cumin.. you name it.

        2. you don't have to go gourmet to get whole nutmeg, but living in bur/gln middle east markets will carry, but so will vons, ralphs, and whole foods.

          1. I can find it in my hometown and if they stock it in the gorcery store in baton rouge, louisiana then i have to imagine it is widely available in the other LA. Mine was packaged by McCromick so it pretty much should be everywhere