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Aug 10, 2006 10:46 PM

Chicken at FuRaiBo

No, not the wings. The thigh/leg combination that they serve has these strange "slots" on the side that reminds me of the air intake of a racing car. Any idea how or why they do it? Whatever the reason, it's good. I've only been to the one in Puente Hills. How does the gardena location compare?

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  1. Where is the Furaibo in Puente Hills?


    1. i thought they only have locations in west la, city of industry and gardena.

      mmm, you are making me hungry for their skewers and wings. :D

      1. My guess is that they score the chicken (like some Indian restaurants do for tandoori chicken) for even cooking. The heat permeates those hard-to-reach areas of dark meat through the little incisions.

        1. On Colima, W of Fullerton, same shopping center as In N Out & Curry House.

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            DUDE! I had no idea! Thanks! :) :)


          2. I'm pretty sure that they cook the chicken on skewers. That is what is making the scores.