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best sandwiches in lower manhattan?

so many delis, but where are the best sandwiches? please do not say katz.

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  1. well, what do you consider lower manhattan? Financial district? If so, consider Financier...but go to the Stone Street outpost. The other one, for some reason, isn't half as good.

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      Downtown tradionally refers to the areas below 14th street all the way down kid.

      1. What shouldn't we say Katz's? What are you looking for?

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        1. I'm not sure what you mean by Downtown either, but if Broome counts as downtown, you've got 2 options quite near each other.
          Vietnam Bahn Mi So 1--As good as Saigon (yes, yes, some will disagree) without the hassle of waiting forever to get your sandwich. It's a little bit west of Bowery.
          Despana (sorry for the lack of a tilde)--I haven't notice this place getting that much mention on this board, but it's pretty great. All Spanish food, great suasages, and (for sandwiches) really good bocadillos. oh yeah, samples galore. It's just east of lafeyette.

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              Despana (apologies as well for the lack of a tilde) is great, but I feel obligated to warn anyone against getting too excited for a bocadillo de tortilla because they don't have it! I was so excited to get one and was surprised that, of all bocadillos, they didn't have one of tortilla. Aside from jamon y queso that was the most common type I had in Madrid. No other complaints though, GREAT FOOD!

              1. Felafel, and more, at Alfanoose, on Maiden Lane.

                Sophie's on either New Street or Chambers for good, cheap Cuban sandwiches

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                1. Despana Despana Despana!! - I agree this place is excellent for Spanish Hams, sausages and Cheeses. And for such a seemingly gourmet shop sandwiches are reasonably priced in the $7 - $9 range. They have many other delicacies as well.

                  I'll also add that LA Esquina / Corner Deli has an very excellent Roast Chicken sandwich. Ask if you can have some skin on the sandwich for an even better experience.

                  I should also agree with livetoeat that 'ino on Bedford street is great, my favorite panini.

                  Hampton Chutney is good too. I don't go often but they've made something interesting out of the humble Dosa. You can't really eat it with your hands tho so maybe not quite a sandwich.

                  Alleva on Grand street makes really great fresh Roast beef sandwiches as well as having anything else Italian you could desire.

                  1. for french sandwiches on a baguette, definitely the adore on 13th btwn University and 5th ave

                    1. thanks everyone for all the suggestions. i guess i could have been more specific.

                      i'm actually looking good italian deli or just basic take-out deli (but also love the variants - spanish, vietnamese, etc)
                      ideally between canal and 14th street, though i will certainly check out alleva and any others that are exceptional and on the inexpensive side.

                      j'adore the adore on the 13th, but almost forgot about it, so thanks for the reminder! i eat at 'ino all the time (a friend works there), but can't go there without having a glass of wine, so best to stay away for weekday lunches!

                      thanks again,

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                        I live two blocks from Piada on Clinton and get a sandwich there twice a week. The owners are Italian guys who are actually always there and make your sandwiches, the ingredients are fresh and the sandwiches delicious. Numbers 1 and 20 are my favorites, but I don't think you can go wrong there.


                      2. A couple of places come to mind on Bleecker St for good grab & go sandwiches. Faico's for Italian heros and Murrays Cheese Shop for pannini. Great for taking to Wash Sq Pk or little Winston Churchill Square on the corner of Downing/Bleecker

                        1. I'm going to suggest Crosby Connection on Crosby and Bleeker. It has some odd hours, but they really make the feshest deli-type sandwiches in the neighborhood, altough it is literally a hole-in-the-wall, so you'll have to find somewhere to actually eat the sandwiches.


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                            I like Crosby Connection too. Their web site says they're located in a broom closet, which I believe. They're also very friendly there. I keep ribbing them about their apostrophe abuse ("no panini's today") because I'm obsessive-compulsive, and they actually take the time to listen to me, whereas most wouldn't. (Although they haven't fixed it, but I guess they'd need some white-out. Maybe I'll take some down to them.)

                            Their soups are really good too, on the rare occasion when they actually have them. I go down there hoping for soup whenever I have a cold. They had some great gazpacho once.

                            I'm surprised the web site says they're open Saturdays. I thought they weren't. Neighborhood's probably fairly dead then, except for shoppers on Bway, who probably wouldn't think to wander over to Crosby.

                            Also, an even cheaper option is the juice bar on the south side of E. Houston St. near Mott. Might be called Lite Delights. Very narrow. Sandwiches, soups, juices, etc. Not amazing but not bad. Very very cheap.

                          2. i love tiny's giant sandwich shop on rivington street

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                              Me too! The Cobb and the Spicy Rizzak are my favs.

                            2. thank you for suggesting crosby connection. i now have a new favorite! it was just what i was looking for and i don't think i would have found it any other way.

                              disappointing lemondade, but who cares when you have sandwich that tasty, not to mention enormous.

                              1. Alidoro's on Sullivan St. The Pinocchio on foccacia is perfection!

                                1. Can someone tell me what they love at crosby connection. I live very nearby and it's the kind of place I want to love, but since it's been opened I have decided it's just not up to the hype which I think has alot to do with the limited kitchen. I always order something hot there and the fact that they can't sufficiently heat everything is enough to displease me. Also sometimes I find the chicken to be a bit thick and chewy. Overall a good place, but after many returns I've stopped going. Still great for what they're doing but I choose others now. What should I get?

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                                    First of all, eattreat I am glad you love the Crosby Connection. It is a fantastic neighborhood spot and the people working there are great. I should have warned you about the drinks though (I tend to just dip into the shady deli on the corner for some soda).

                                    Secondly, 2slices, my favorite CC suggestion would be the Suzy Special which includes (from the website) "fresh mozzarella, 2 slice of proscuitto, fresh tomatoes, sweet roasted peppers, buttery slices of avocado, fragrant basil, virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar" usually served on semolina. While this sandwhich, like all other CC sandwiches, is huge and messy, it seems to be the most consistent (probably because they don't pile on meat and they do not have to cook anything).

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                                      cool. thanks for the suggestion I'm definately gonna give that a shot. I should stress that I dont dislike the place, I've just started to think it's as much kitsch as it is quality in a neighborhood filled with good options.

                                      Though I do remember the meatball ricotta parm being great, after I took it home and put the whole thing in the toaster oven. I gotta have my hot food hot, cheese melted and bread crispy, I'm like that. THx for the rec will try tomorrow or next day.

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                                        what are your favorites in the neigborhood??

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                                          WohI just posted beloow and didn't realize this was the same thread. My favs for what I call "Man Food" are as follows in no particular order

                                          Meatball or Roastbeef Hero's from Alleva (meatball!!!)
                                          Anything with Roast Pork from Brisas del Caribe
                                          Roast Chicken Sand. (ask for skin on it) from Corner Deli
                                          Burgers at Fanelli's (they have other good stuff)
                                          Adana Sand. or platter from Bereket
                                          Serrano sandwiches @ Despana

                                          I can't think of anything else off the top of my head. Tho I feel like just saying that I love brunch at Great Jones Cafe.

                                  2. I went to Crosby Connection once to have the Chicken Mama Mia only to find that the chicken was actually Au Bon Pain pseudo-chicken. I was traumatized. NB if you are a poultriphile, so you are not similarly traumatized. Instead go to the greatly diminished but still toasted Abbondanza's. It is a shadow of its formal self but at least its bread is crisp and its chicken real.

                                    1. Nicky's Vietnamese... great sandwiches!

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                                        The only things great about them is that they're in the East Village and the bread they use is really good. Their best banh mi is the pork chop and it's both more expensive and nowhere near as good as the little place in the jewelry shop on Mulberry.

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                                          Do you mean Saigon Banh Mi on Mott St.?

                                      2. Just had Despana's "Picante" sandwich, which was incredible and seems to be the signature one. I highly recommend it. I also tried the porchetta sandwich at Il Buco, based on Ed Levine's rave on his blog. The meat, which was coated with fennel pollen, tasted phenomenal, however, I found the large slabs of fat in the sandwich to be disconcerting. Obviously, you want some fat, but not a fat sandwich, no? By the way, they do a fennel pollen gelato at Il Buco that is super too.

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                                          I Second the sandwiches at Despana across the board

                                        2. Alidoro and Despana I second. Also Faicco's and someday soon Tony Luke's across the street on Bleecker (God help me!) for Roast Pork Italians!!!

                                          1. Parisi Bakery- 198 mott street. MY hero!

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                                              Perhaps we have mentioned it already here, but what is the Foccia place on Sullivan (or is it Thompson?) between Prince and Spring? It's just a deli counter and it stocks little Italian snacks and items, but they make a mean (if not slightly expensive) sandwich. It just has a sign with "Fresh Mozzerella" outside. I would also suggest this place, that is if I could remember its name...

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                                                Joe's Dairy on Sullivan between Houston and Prince?

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                                                  No, this is def between Prince and Spring.

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                                                    Alidoro is between Prince and Spring. Is that what you're thinking of?

                                            2. the Meatball Hero at Alleva cheese shop on Grand and Mulberry. This is the perfect meatball as far as I'm concerned tho all I have to back it up is native NYer status, tho that should be enough in this instance. They use good bread too, nice and soft like the meatballs, no need to get it toasted.

                                              I am NOT talking about Italian Food Center just so u are sure

                                              1. I love Bite at 333 Lafayette (the triangular intersection by the 6 to Bleecker). I had the Middle Eastern Vegan with hummus, roasted eggplant, roasted pepper tapenade, organic greens and plum tomatoes. It came on a Balthazar baguette with Sri Acha hot sauce. It tasted like a Middle Eastern banh mi! For those of you with a sweet tooth, they also have a Nutella banana sandwich.


                                                1. grilled cheese on ludlow

                                                  1. I'm surprised no one had mentioned the Italian Food Center on Grand and Mulberry. For that kind of sandwich (hero) it's pretty darn good. Or has it gone downhill? Though I haven't eaten their sandwiches in several years I still buy Mozzarella there from time to time.

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                                                    1. Dumpling House on eldridge street makes an increadibloe mung bean pancake sliced and filled with sliced beef, cilantro, carrots, and sesame dressing, one is heavenly with an order of dumplings, go for a second and you won't want to eat there for a year. I don't get it but thats how it works. Like booze I guess.

                                                      1. Russo's, right next to Veniero's on 11th near 1st ave, makes fantastic sandwiches using their homemade Mozzarella. They also have a nice deli so you can get fresh cut prosciutto and other italian meats as sandwich stuffers.

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                                                            I believe now that I was thinking of Tarallucci e Vino. I was thinking of a place on the corner, not on the side street. I guess I haven't been to Russo's.

                                                        1. I would recommend Murray's Cheese Shop for their panini (the smoked mozzarella and tomato one is amazing)! Also, Abbodanza's (sp?) on Bleeker just west of MacDougal has delicious hot sandwiches. They have good specials (the homemade pastrami is great) and the employees are helpful.

                                                          1. I concur, completely. My only quibble with them is that sometimes they're so busy they pull the sandwiches from the press before they're properly melted.

                                                            1. province (chinese sandwiches on walker just south of canal) see thread here: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/314993

                                                              1. Did anyone mention Bread? The gorgonzola and apple on whole grain with cranberrys is great.