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Aug 10, 2006 09:41 PM

Rosewater Review

So I really want to love Rosewater. Its nearby, its cute, the menu always sounds delicious.

But everytime I've gone (4 times now) -- one person's dish is fantastic, and the other's is horrible. I've been for brunch two times, dinner twice -- and on all four occassions the same thing happened. We had fantastic pancakes one day, and horrible eggs. The next it was fantastic eggs, and horrible french toast.

Went there for dinner the other night and ordered a pork loin medium rare (per the chef's suggestion). It arrived and was so tough to to bite into that it was essentially inedible. As I was commenting this to my partner, the person sitting at the next table informed me that she'd had the same problem, had complained about it, and they had done nothing in response to her complaint! I still said something to our waiter, and was completely ignored as well. My partner's fish dish, however, was wonderful.

We ended up spending over $120 to cover everything, and I couldn't even eat my dinner. This is way too much money to be spending for meals that are this uneven. I will not go back again.

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  1. I've never had a horrible meal there, or even a bad one.

    1. same here. you should have sent that pork loin back if it was so tough.

      1. Oh Rosewater, how I used to love you. How I used to brag about you and shower you with accolades, and in turn you showed me true love in a plate of buttery chanterelles, ecstacy among the ruins of a Moroccan inspired lamb dish, you taught me what seasonal menus and artisanal cooking was all about but these memories are fading now. I saw you three months ago and to be honest friend, you've lost it. Your greens are over salted and oily, the steak was over cooked, also too salty and and too oily, then you charged me ducats for your cheap favors, it really broke my heart. It's not me, it's you, goodbye.

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          So after all those great meals one bad meal sends you running for the exits? Maybe it was a bad night, different chef, something.

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            True true, you're absolutely right, I may have been too harsh but my disappointment is sincere. In my opinion, the quality of Rosewaters has declined and I've been witnessing it over the past few years, my last meal was just the final straw for me. However, I think it's a great place to bring your parents or a date to if you want cozy atmosphere and the cost isn't prohibitive, it provides fancy without being snob, and obviously it still has fans for their food, however, for myself, not being financially flush and expecting a peek at the sublime, was disappointed.

        2. Problems with a Niman Ranch Pork Chop two years ago that had a breading and was fried beyond recognition, tasted of burnt canola oil and was not made right. Even though we spent 110 with wine and food combined. I will never go back for the same reason, if bad food is going to be a norm, have the business sense to correct it. We have not been back since that time, which is really a shame, we used to really like going there.

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          1. re: noodles

            Who said bad food was the norm? A bad meal here and there does not the norm make.

            1. re: Peter Cuce

              No, but a number of reports of bad and/or mediocre meals does start to build the norm. That is the case here. Between this thread and few others in the last couple of months I have seen several poor reports from Rosewater. Perhaps they have a new chef. Perhaps they don't care. Perhaps they are unaware of any problems because these patrons are continuing to pay high relative prices (for the area) without lodging any complaints. Either way, there have been complaints here.

          2. I don't think a couple of bad reports build the norm. I don't think everyone who has great meals posts about it -- I certainly don't. I don't post every great meal I have. More people tend to post about bad experiences than good ones -- this is true of anything, not just Chowhound. Plus, I have certain people I trust on the site, whose tastes I feel are closely aligned with mine, and those are the ones I look to for guidance.