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Need help for Emerald Isle NC

Heading to Emerald Isle next week. Looking for some places with good food and good value. Thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. I was there a year ago this time. Had drinks and apps at a Martini bar in town on the N/W side of the maid road. Creative, fun food and the 'tini was plentiful. There is a great place for Hatteras style chowder in town. Plain looking, blue building on the same side of the road - it might be Jordan's. Oddly, there is also a great wine shop / gas station in town as well. Ask a local, they should be able to point you in the right direction. Have fun.

    1. Someone suggested Big Oak Drive In the other week - in Salter Path, next to Emerald Isle.


      1. If you are in Salter Path, also try Frost's Seafood (which is across the way from the Big Oak Drive In). Would have loved to try the Big Oak, but it has no seating area.

          1. Big Oak is a drive in, hence no seating other than in your car. Well worth a visit. Jordan's is a wonderful family run place with good food and prices to match. Frost's isn't bad but wouldn't be my first choice.

            1. I've never eaten in Emerald Isle, but there are lots of good restaurants in Beaufort or Morehead City, which is not far from EI.
              In Beaufort there's Clauson's 1905 restaurant, Beaufort Grocery, The Spouter Inn. I've eaten lunch at these 3 and they were good. But there are many more.
              Morehead City has A Taste of Italy, and Sanitary which are both good. I almost forgot El's Drivein Restaurant. You sit in the car and read the menu on top of the building and the girl comes out and takes your order and delivers it back to you. Remember to save a fry for the seagulls!
              Make sure you drive west, into New Bern for a day. Downtown has some good restaurants. Morgans, Pollock St. Deli, MJ's, Bakers Square, Fred and Claire's, Chelsea and more. Stop in the info center at the Convention center.

              1. WHATEVER you do, DO NOT eat at Sanitary. The place is riding on a long lost reputation of once very good food and service.
                Now, it sucks.

                1. Made an unexpected, quick trip to the coast this past week. Just to name two places recently mentioned here, we dined at Cox's Family restaurant - good and inexpensive as usual, and also at Big Oak Drive In. Wife got the Shrimpburger & I got an Oysterburger at BODI - so good I wish I could move in next door....

                  If you've never experienced either of these dives, you have missed a gastronomical treat!

                  1. Avoid Clawsons and DJ Shooters. I would recommend getting some good food and cooking yourself. I haven't found anything worth writing positively about in Emerald Isle.

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                      A lot of the places previously mentioned have slid into obscurity.Forget the Sanitary Market unless youre 80 years old and your taste buds left your mouth.Clausons is just a Tourist Trap.I dont know if the Channel Marker is still open but the last time I ate there it was Great!Along with Beaufort Grocery,Big Is and Rucker Johns in Emerald Island isnt so bad neither.