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Aug 10, 2006 08:50 PM

Oishii for Little Ones?

I would like to take my wife to Oishii tomorrow evening, and the one-year-old will be in tow. He's pretty laid back, but I'm concerned about the Chestnut Hill location's ability to handle the two-plus of us (possibly even a stroller). Is that concern warranted? Given that we'll be at Copley in the afternoon should we just go to the South End location or does that defeat the whole Oishii purpose?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. the Chestnut Hill location is a tiny hole in the wall...not sure you can even rest a stroller in there comfortably :-P

    1. I think the Chestnut Hill location with a one year old would be a nightmare. It's all crowded bar seating with one four-top. *If* you could get the four-top, it might be tolerable, but there's virtually always a wait (sometimes considerable - 45 minutes plus) for a seat, so you'd have to be pretty lucky to wind up with the table. Haven't been to the South End location, so I can't comment on that. An alternate idea, though: what about calling ahead to place a takeout order from the Chestnut Hill location (give 'em at least 30-40 minutes, especially at peak times) and then having a picnic somewhere?

      1. As everyone is aware, the food is fantastic but there is always a wait and having a stroller in there or a high chair is not something I would recommend to a friend or family member.

        1. I think a stroller in there would probably be against the fire code, there isn't enough room to even stand. Avoid going there at all costs.

          Take out was an excellent reccomendation, as Oishii travels well. Another idea in the area is Fugakyu. The sushi is on par with Oishii. What's more, they have private rooms for as small as 4. You can take the baby in there and not worry if he does cause a ruckus.

          1. If you're willing to drive, Oishii Too in Sudbury is as good as Chestnut Hill, and while not huge, has a sushi bar plus about 10 tables. Oishii Boston is a completely different experience if you ask me. Wonderful, but different.