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Aug 10, 2006 08:47 PM

Quick Eats in Skid Row / Downtown

I work at 7th and Alameda and have no idea what to eat. I'm very hungry and craving a hamburger, but am trying to eat healthier.

I'm bored with Subway. And all the fast food joints suck. Where should I go?

I thinking of going to SavOn on Cesar Chavez too... so I'll drive a little. PLEASE HELP!

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    1. re: JAB

      I went here! Very good sandwhich! mmm

    2. Is Cole's still open? I used to go there for French dips (so-so), but they'd usually give me the turkey tails for free (yum!).

      1. for a great hamburger head to Pete's Cafe at 4th and main. their hellman burger is delish!

        oh, don't forget an order of bleu cheese fries to go wth the burger.

        1. Could you walk to Grand Central Market? I was walking around the skid row area yesterday in fact and saw that food options were week. There was some restaurants in those big wharehouses with all the venders selling little trinkets. No idea how they taste though.

          1. The Hellman burger at Pete's is a good quality burger. Plus other choices.