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Quick Eats in Skid Row / Downtown

I work at 7th and Alameda and have no idea what to eat. I'm very hungry and craving a hamburger, but am trying to eat healthier.

I'm bored with Subway. And all the fast food joints suck. Where should I go?

I thinking of going to SavOn on Cesar Chavez too... so I'll drive a little. PLEASE HELP!

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      I went here! Very good sandwhich! mmm

    2. Is Cole's still open? I used to go there for French dips (so-so), but they'd usually give me the turkey tails for free (yum!).

      1. for a great hamburger head to Pete's Cafe at 4th and main. their hellman burger is delish!

        oh, don't forget an order of bleu cheese fries to go wth the burger.

        1. Could you walk to Grand Central Market? I was walking around the skid row area yesterday in fact and saw that food options were week. There was some restaurants in those big wharehouses with all the venders selling little trinkets. No idea how they taste though.

          1. The Hellman burger at Pete's is a good quality burger. Plus other choices.


            1. Places in Little Tokyo would be far more accessible than the area around Bunker Hill (including Grand Central Market). Parking would be less difficult as well.

              1. Which places in Little Tokyo are good??

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                  Grill Lyon has a pretty good lunch special. It's on the southeast corner of 2nd and Central, in a strip mall.

                2. Farmer Boys @ 726 S. Alameda. A solid burger.

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                    Not impressed with Farmer Boys' burger, try their fried fish and onion rings, they've got the frying thing down pat.

                  2. i like blossom vietnamese, cute, hip, so yummy.
                    426 s. main st.

                    they also own via cafe on gin ling way.

                    1. 410 boyd st. which is very, very, very close to the heart of skid row. it's on san pedro st. and also carries one of the very best desserts in town. not cheap, more of a joint for the lawyers, movers and shakers, and artists. a rotating listing of artworks hungs on the walls every few months or so, the joint feels very NY for what's it's worth.

                      1. Little Tokyo -- try SUEHIRO Cafe and also FAR EAST CAFE, both are on the north side of 1st street between Alameda and Los Angeles. Suehiro is a great Japanese coffee shop with a bargain-priced menu, and Far East is a little more stylin' and has just reopened after damage from the 94 quake (!).

                        Also, there's the fish taco place on 1st at Alameda which I think is called Senor Fish (??) and of course there's Phillipe's for roast beef sandwiches on Alameda just north of Union Station.

                        1. There's a cafe/bakery that just opened up just east of Mission on 1st street called CAKEWALK. Great sandwiches and desserts - everything made from scratch, even the bread. Had an awesome tenderloin sandwich and my co-workers had a North Carolina BBQ pork sandwich and a roasted salmon salad with a mango and radish salsa. We took slices of cake and a tiny fruit tart back to the office for dessert. The owner is really nice and she said they just opened in July - definately worth checking out.

                          1. Izayoi (Central)
                            Daikoku (1st st)
                            Korean BBQ in Weller Court
                            Tokyo Cafe (san pedro and 1st)
                            Cuban Place on Central
                            Old Bank Deli on 4th
                            Banquette on 4th
                            The Palm
                            R23 (Forget the Name of the pace next to it on Traction)
                            Eat at Cole's on 6th if you dare
                            Pete's on 4th
                            Mike's Hockeyburger (never been but it's got a great name)
                            King Taco on Washington

                            1. Try Banquette. No burger but good paninis, and yummy baked goods They do a prosciutto, fig, and goat cheese panini that I really like. Also they have some great breakfast choices - a sausage frittata, 'sunny side cup' ( a baked egg with brasied leeks ) and french toast made with croissants that's absolutely delicious. They have good wine by the glass as well.

                              1. If you are willing to drive a little for a great Italian sandwich head north on alameda turn left on Ceasar Chavez(Sunset blvd) and head west about 1 to 1.5 miles to around Figuora turn right make your first left then another left and youre there. Eastside Italian Market 1013 Alpine, the best sandwiches ever, try the #7 hot roast beef and pastrami with cheese on italian roll. This is 10 times better than Phillipes. here is their website

                                1. Fisherman's Outlet Restaurant and Market- 5th and central. never been there. seems popular.
                                  sushi gen-2nd and alamenda. very good traditional sushi. they do take out too.