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recommendations for a delicious, romantic, graduation dinner

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hi -- i'm finally finishing my master's graduate studies and want to celebrate by (what else) eating! i've been living in cambridge for a while, so i'm familiar with the offerings, but i think it's also time i need to discover something new. it'll just be me and my bf, so romantic is a nice touch, too.

ideal specs: genuinely delicious, not pretentious, a step up from everyday dining, palatable to grad student wallets, and creative. i dont mind high prices as long as they are really really deserving.

some places that i was considering: oleana, sel de la terre, mamma maria. i'm still looking for the perfect place.

any recommendations would be appreciated! thanks!

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  1. I think Oleana if you can be seated in the garden would be lovely. Don't really consider Sel de la Terre to be very romantic..but if you haven't done Salts you should give it some thought. Pricey but worth every penny and if you chose wine carefully you should be okay..it is elegant and intimate with wonderful food and owners...Congrats!!!

    1. Maybe you should come over to Boston and try Meritage. If you get the smaller plates, which are still good sized, you don't have to break the bank. Nice wine, nice view on the water, nice place for a celebration.

      1. If you don't mind coming out to the "burbs" I would suggest Catch Restaurant in Winchester. It is small, excellent menu heavy on the seafood and nice atmosphere. It is run by a husband and wife team and the food is always excellent. I would say the prices are about average for upscale dining in the Boston area but the good news is you won't have to pay $20.00 to park. There are usually a choice of 8 or so appetisers and about the same number of entrees. all the desserts are made on the premises and they have avery nice wine list with a wide price range. Check out their web site for more info.

        1. Salts between Kendall and Centrall Sq. A little spendy (main courses in the high $20s to low $30s), but outstanding food, very careful plating, refined technique, a very comfortable and rustic setting, chowish waitstaff, a sunny and wonderful hostess.

          1. If you can get an upstairs window seat at Mamma Maria, it's VERY romantic. The food is excellent, too (despite the restaurant's cheesy name.):)

            1. I would try The Paramount, located right on Charles Street near Boston Common. I absolutely love this place! I would order their tender steak tips topped with crispy fried onions over whipped mashed potatoes and crisp asparagus ($18). The ambiance is very romantic with deep lighting and plush fixtures. The only down side is that it is VERY small and as a result VERY crowded- but it is more than worth it. I promised my Irish Boston-native boyfriend the best steak tips of his life on Valentine's day, and after driving around for 45 minutes while trying to find a parking space and waiting for another 20 minutes for a table he agreed that it was more than worth the wait!