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Aug 10, 2006 08:38 PM

the butcher shop? Anything good to say?

Hi, I have reservations at the butcher shop for restaurant week because I used to hear great things about it. From the postings I've read so far on the board, it sounds like its better days are behind it. Does anyone recomend it? I'm thinking about weather i should change my reservation to somewhere else as I don't get to eat out too often and was looking forward to a nice dinner.


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  1. I like the food a lot. The biggest problems I've found have to do with the long waits and high prices---neither of which should be an issue for you during RW.

    I've never been, but the board view of B&G Oysters seems more favorable than for the Butcher Shop.

    1. I really like the food at the Butcher Shop. Their steak tartare is my favorite of all the versions that I've had. They change their menu pretty regularly and I do enjoy the food there. I think one of the biggest complaints is that the prices have been pretty steep for what you get which also shouldn't be a problem during restaurant week. All that being said, I also love B&G Oysters...

      1. Rest. Week is definitely the time to try the Butcher Shop when the prices are more reasonable. Then decide if you think it's worth another (more expensive) trip.

        1. The best thing about the butcher shop is that you can stand around the butcher block and drink wine and have some cheese, it makes for a nice way to start out a night or just have a nice early one.

          1. Meh. I think that it's well past it's glory days. I suspect that you might be able to find better meals and more rewarding experiences in Boston.

            Based on the prevailing attitude there during regular service, I have a hard time thinking RW is going to be leagues better. HOWEVER, if this is your first shot at the Butcher Shop and you're getting a good price, then I'm eager to read your review. Who knows? Maybe they'll work extra hard that week to turn it around...