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Aug 10, 2006 08:35 PM

Claudio's mozzarella salty?

Claudio's mozzarella is now available at Weaver's Way Food Co-op, but I was surprised by how salty it is, after reading raves about its goodness, authenticity, etc. I thought real mozzarella was creamy and sweet, made w/o salt. Anyone know more about this? thanks.

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  1. ehhh... real mozzarella is made with buffalo milk, that's why american pizza is so chewy

    1. Perhaps it gets more salty the longer it stays in the water after being nade. I've had their mozzarella several times on trips to Philly, but always eat it right after buying it (and shortly after it was made) and never thought it was particularly salty.

      It's some of the best I've had anywhere and I'm jealous of you Philadelphians.


      Kevin in Wash., D.C.

      1. I have to amend this--the mozzarella was fine, very nice taste and texture and not salty. I think my first taste was influenced by the water (brine?) that it's packed in, but the cheese itself was very good. Thanks for the replies.

        1. I've eaten nothing much more than Claudio's mozz this week with tomatoes and basil, and let me say,it has been one of the happiest weeks in my life.I thought it was salty at first too Myra, (which made me love it even more) and I think you are correct in saying that the water is salty. The texture of this cheese makes me swoon.........I've heard that mozz lasts longer if you exchange the water in the container for milk. Mine doesn't last long enough for me to prove this theory.